Trump uses notes to remember his kids names during South Carolina victory speech.

Trump Uses Notecards In South Carolina To Remember The Names Of His Kids

Some troubling signs in South Carolina as Trump had to read the names of his family to thank them and still forgot Eric and Lara Trump.

Trump said:

If you don’t mind may I have the pleasure of introducing some incredible people because they stuck right from the beginning, from the very moment we announced they believe in make America great. Again, that’s what they believe and they believe in America first, we’re putting America first. First of all, my family, Melania, Barron, Don Junior, and Kimberly, Ivanka and Jared, Tiffany and Michael they are so so supportive so supportive. We really appreciate it and love them. They’re great.


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Even with notes, Trump still forgot the names of his son Eric and his daughter in law Lara, which is saying something, because the former president is putting Lara Trump at the RNC as co-chair.

It has not been a great day for Trump’s cognitive abilities. Donald Trump had read his speech at CPAC off a teleprompter, and then he went to South Carolina to deliver a victory speech, which if you watch closely as he gets ready to thank his family, he reads their names from notes, and then he refers to the notes again while thanking his kids and their spouses.

Even with notes, Trump managed to forget the names of two members of his family.

Some in the media have made a big deal out of President Biden using notecards at fundraisers. Let’s see how many articles besides this one are written about Trump having to read the names of family members in order to thank them, and still forgetting two of his kids.

The corporate media can continue to ignore it, but there is a problem with Donald Trump.

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