Trump runs away when asked if he will testify.

Trump Runs Away From Reporters When Asked If He Will Testify

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 11:21 am

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Donald Trump’s position on testifying shifted after the judge told him he could testify at his criminal trial.

Trump was asked if he planned on testifying by reporters outside the courtroom.

He responded by ignoring the question and walking away.


On Thursday afternoon, Trump made it sound like he wanted to testify at his criminal trial, but the gag order prohibited him from testifying.

On Friday morning, Judge Merchan opened court by telling Trump that the gag order does not prohibit him from testifying.
By Friday afternoon, Trump is fleeing questions about testifying.

It is not a complex puzzle to put together.

Donald Trump is afraid to testify, and he was using the gag order as an excuse not to testify. When the judge took his excuse away, the ex-president dodged the question like somebody put a fresh vegetable on his dinner plate.

Reporters can stop asking the question. Donald Trump is not going to testify. He never intended to testify, but he thought it would be good for his reelection campaign if he said he wasn’t allowed to testify.

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