RFK Jr and Donald Trump

RFK Jr. Is Quickly Becoming A Political WMD Wiping Out Trump

Last updated on May 20th, 2024 at 08:53 pm

The latest ABC News poll showed that Trump’s RFK Jr. problem is growing and worsening daily.

ABC News reported on their poll, “Kennedy gets 12% even though 77% of his supporters say they know “just some” or “hardly anything” about his positions on the issues. Notably, his supporters are more apt to be Republicans or GOP-leaning independents (54%) than Democrats and Democratic leaners (42%, a slight difference given sample sizes), and in a two-way race, they favor Trump over Biden by 13 points. That may explain why Trump attacked Kennedy as a stalking horse in social media posts last week.”

RFK Jr. has been shifting his positions to the right, getting favorable treatment in conservative media, and worrying the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is facing a challenge he has never faced before. RFK Jr. is challenging him from the right. Trump is only campaigning one day a week and spending most of his time in court while his campaign resources are being spent on legal bills.

Trump does not have the resources or ability to fend off a challenge for the voters that the ex-president is attempting to keep in his camp.

The same ABC poll found that up to 20% of Republicans may stop supporting Donald Trump if he is convicted of a felony.

Trump’s RFK Jr. problem is turning into a crisis, because if the ex-president is convicted of a felony, the voters he loses within the Republican Party now have somewhere else to go, and they are clearly locked in on Kennedy.

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