Trump admits he has classified docs at PA rally

Cash Strapped Trump Forced To Prepay Before Being Allowed To Hold New Jersey Rally

Wildwood, NJ, invoiced Donald Trump and his campaign and required prepayment for security and clean-up costs before they would allow him to hold a rally on the beach.

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The Republican presidential hopeful’s campaign paid $54,200 to Wildwood for the May 11 rally being held on the beach between a set of amusement piers, according to records obtained by NJ Advance Media through the Open Public Records Act.

The campaign’s payments Wildwood were made in two parts a week apart: $54,000 on April 16 and $200 on April 24, the invoice records show. Mayor Ernie Troiano said the city came up with the sum and submitted it to the campaign. This will be Trump’s second appearance in Wildwood in the past four years.

In one respect, Trump is still getting special treatment. How many people on trial for 34 felonies would be allowed to book a municipal area for anything?

The answer is not many.

However, Trump being forced to pony up the cash is a change. Trump has been stiffing local cities and towns for nearly a decade on security costs associated with his campaign events. The fact that Wildwood got Donald Trump to pay in advance is quite an accomplishment.

It will be interesting to see how many people actually show up. Since the current presidential campaign kicked off, Trump has not held any big rally-style events or campaign events. Much of Trump’s rally crowd isn’t local. There are a sizable number of hardcore MAGAs who follow the ex-president around like an ungrateful dead.

If every city and town that Trump attempts to invade forced him to pay upfront, it would be a welcome development for local public budgets.

Trump has deadbeated off of local taxpayers for almost ten years. It is time that he is forced to pay his own way.

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