Marjorie Taylor Greene on Sunday Morning Futures.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Said The Quiet Part Out Loud About Trump And House Republicans

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) admitted on Fox News that the real job of House Republicans is to defend Donald Trump.

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Greene said on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures when asked why Speaker Johnson won’t defund Jack Smith:

Mike Johnson is owned by the Democrats and that I, that proved me to be right again. When I called the motion to vacate, it wasn’t Republicans that saved Mike Johnson. It was Democrats that saved Mike Johnson. And when you have Nancy Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House when they impeached President Trump twice. And you have Jerry Nadler, who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee that led the impeachment against President Trump voting to save Mike Johnson that tells the American people everything that they need to know. Mike Johnson is owned by the Democrats and refuses to protect President Trump even though he runs down to Mar-a Lago every chance he gets and, and hugs him as tightly as he can.


Greene admitted it. House Republicans aren’t supposed to be passing legislation or looking out for the national interest. House Republicans are supposed to be protecting Donald Trump, and Johnson’s crime against the Republican caucus, according to Greene, is that he has not done enough to protect Trump.

The House majority believes that they represent Trump and not the American people. A belief like that explains why House Republicans have done nothing for the people.

House Republicans don’t represent the people. They represent Trump, and Rep. Greene thinks that Johnson has to go because he hasn’t done enough to potentially keep Trump out of jail.

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