Trump rally crowd walks out.

Trump’s Big New Jersey Rally Crowd Walked Out On Him

Trump is grossly exaggerating the size of the crowd at his New Jersey rally, but a bigger problem for Republicans is that much of the crowd walked out on the ex-president.

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Zac Anderson of USA Today posted this video of what the scene looked like while Trump was still talking:

More evidence of the vanished crowd:

Video of the crowd leaving while Trump was still talking:

Trump and his campaign held their rally next to a music festival, so it is debatable how much of the crowd was there for Trump versus people that were there on the beach and came over to check out what was going on and then walked out.

The beach rally was another Trump gimmick to project the illusion of popularity.

A bigger problem for Trump and his party is that the Trump oldies tour can’t hold an audience anymore. The days of tens of thousands of people being captivated by Trump and sticking around until the end of his hours long campaign speeches are long gone.

The Trump is almost in its tenth season in national politics and it has gotten stale, which is a bigger problem that either the ex-president or his party care to admit.

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