Trump is sleeping at his criminal trial.

Trump’s Lawyer Gets Smacked Down By Judge As Michael Cohen Cross Is A Disaster

Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche had multiple objections to his cross of Michael Cohen sustained, and the judge denied a request to talk about the objections in another disastrous moment for Trump.

Norm Eisen posted from inside the courtroom:

Blanche struggling

Multiple objections, all sustained

Point seems to be that DA told NYT about the indictment before they told Cohen

Cohen utterly unfazed


OMG, Blanche asks if can approach and discuss all the objections sustained

Judge: (quietly, shaking head) no


Blanche is not up for this

I did not think it could get worse that Tuesday’s start to cross for Blanche

Maybe its not worse, but it ain’t much better

He needed to come out swinging, impose his will on Cohen, rattle him & make impression on jury

Not happening

Eisen also posted that Blanche finally got some traction when he began playing parts of Cohen’s podcast, but the issue of Cohen’s bias was already addressed by the prosecution in Cohen’s direct, so there is no new ground being covered.

Trump’s defense needed to undermine the credibility of Michael Cohen’s testimony and get the former fixer off his game, but they have not been able to.

It is possible that Cohen, being a former lawyer and a longtime employee of Trump, knew exactly what was coming and was more than ready for it.

No one knows what the jury is thinking, but Trump’s best shot at not being convicted might be going down the drain as his lawyers seem to be failing to lay a glove on Michael Cohen.

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