Robert Costello is testifying in Trump's defense.

Trump’s Defense Case Implodes As Witness Robert Costello Gets Reprimanded By Judge

Trump’s defense witness Robert Costello was turning red in the face and muttering his breath over sustained objections, so the judge cleared the courtroom and reprimanded Costello.

MSNBC Legal Analyst Kristy Greenberg posted:

Michael Cohen was respectful. Bob Costello is acting like a clown. Jurors will notice and this will hurt Trump. Any concerns that jurors may have had about Cohen have now been overshadowed by Costello’s disrespect to the judge right in front of their faces. This is insane. Costello is an attorney. To disrespect a judge in this way is a complete and utter disgrace.

It has been said so many times during this trial, but it is truth. Costello is performing for an audience of one. He is putting on a show for Donald Trump. His behavior is also likely to be losing the jury and pushing Trump closer to conviction.

Trump doesn’t have any witnesses who can take the stand and tell truth for the ex-president. Costello is offering testimony that appears to be untrue, which is why the objections of prosecutors are being sustained.

Costello may be winning points with Trump, but he is doing serious damage to the ex-president’s case by disrespecting the judge and getting reprimanded.

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