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Aileen Cannon May Get The Boot After Rejecting Trump Gag Order Request

Aileen Cannon became the first judge in a Trump case to reject a gag order request, and her ruling could result in her being booted off the classified documents case.

CNN reported:

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday rejected special counsel Jack Smith’s request for a gag order against Donald Trump in the classified documents case, saying that prosecutors’ request was “wholly lacking in substance and professional courtesy.”

It is not surprising that Cannon rejected the request for a gag order. She has been Trump’s #1 fan while stalling, delaying, and being sympathetic to every argument offered by lawyers for the president who nominated her for her current position.

As I wrote in The Daily, now is when things get interesting:

Aileen Cannon has gotten off fairly easily for abusing her position and putting the county at risk all to help Donald Trump. Cannon is called a Trump puppet, but her actions are endangering the country.

With each filing, Special Counsel Jack Smith is adding to the pressure on Aileen Cannon. Eventually, the judge will not be able to navigate her way through Smith’s filing.

Jack Smith will eventually appeal to the 11th Circuit to have Judge Cannon removed from the case. Cannon is hanging on by a thread, but the gag order request might be the last straw that gets Cannon kicked off the case.

Cannon is allowing Trump to endanger the lives of law enforcement officers by denying Jack Smith’s request for a limited speech restriction. 

Aileen Cannon has proven herself unfit to hear the classified documents case, and now Jack Smith has grounds for an appeal that could finally get her removed.

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