Even The Juror Who Got His News From Truth Social Voted To Convict Trump

Trump was so guilty that even the one juror who got all of his news from Truth Social voted to convict him.

Here is the juror questionnaire:

How guilty did Trump have to be for the person who claimed that they only got their news from the social media platform that Trump owned to still find him guilty?

Republicans are trying to spin the verdict, some are even calling for red states to indict President Biden, because they have bought into Trump’s politicization of the justice system and now view everything as an extension of politics.

When even people who claim to get their news from the social media platform that the defendant owns vote to convict, it is a sign of the overwhelming evidence in favor of Donald Trump’s guilt.

In a close election, if this verdict moves thousands of voters away from the Republican nominee, that could be enough to cost Trump and his party.

The media will try to undersell the impact of this verdict, because its interest is in keeping the horserace alive, but the odds are that it will have a negative impact on Trump and his party.

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