Donald Trump returns from the golf course at Mar-a-Lago

Convicted Felon Trump Still Isn’t Campaigning

Last updated on June 5th, 2024 at 03:31 pm

Trump complained that his criminal trial was keeping him off of the campaign trail, but the trial has been over for days, and Donald Trump has held zero campaign events.

Instead of campaigning, Trump is posting rants on Truth Social like this:

Biden Migrant Crime is out of control and is ravaging America! Last night, two brave NYPD officers doing their job were shot by a Monster Illegal Immigrant who came here illegally from Venezuela last year and was living in a tax-payer funded migrant shelter. Crooked Joe Biden has trafficked in the worst people from around the world, many with heinous criminal records, and unleashed them into our communities. Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg should focus on keeping the streets of New York safe, but has instead wasted time and money engaging in a ridiculous political witch-hunt against yours truly. We must focus on finishing the wall, securing our border, and keeping our streets safe. MAGA 2024.

Trump’s schedule does not include any campaign events until Thursday where he will take part in a town hall, and then Trump will hold a rally in Nevada on Sunday. Trump hasn’t held an actual campaign event since his event in New York ten days ago.

The only thing that Trump has done was give a speech that was disguised as a press conference after he was convicted.

There is nothing stopping Trump from campaigning. Donald Trump will go nearly three weeks between campaign events, and Republicans don’t seem worried that their convicted felon candidate is spending huge sums of campaign funds to pay lawyers and appears to have no interest in campaigning.


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