Corrupt Conservative SCOTUS Starting To Crack As Clarence Thomas Admits He Should Have Disclosed Trips

For the first time ever, Justice Clarence Thomas has admitted that he should have disclosed two trips from conservative billionaire Harlan Crow.

ProPublica reported:
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas acknowledged for the first time in a new financial disclosure filing that he should have publicly reported two free vacations he received from billionaire Harlan Crow.

The pair of 2019 trips, one to Indonesia and the other to the Bohemian Grove, an all-male retreat in northern California, were first revealed by ProPublica.

There are so many more issues involving Thomas than two trips. The Supreme Court justice has reportedly been on the take from rich donors for 20 years. The gifts involve things like real estate deals, private school tuition, and even a luxury motor home.

Thomas’s admission that he should have disclosed the trips is another effort by the justice to mitigate a corruption scandal that is only growing with the passage of time. Justice Thomas thinks that he can defuse the scandal by admitting that he should have disclosed a tiny fraction of what he accepted.

Democrats are investigating Thomas’s right wing pals in the Senate and oversight and investigation legislation has been introduced by House Democrats.

The storm clouds are growing for the conservative court majority. If Democrats have a successful November election, Democrats will be looking to impose ethics and investigation rules along with reform onto what is looking like a lawless Supreme Court majority.

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