Trump speaks at Turning Point.

Trump Tried To Campaign, But Forgot What State He Was In

While giving a speech in Arizona, Donald Trump thought he was in Texas.


Trump’s claim that he was in Texas might have been marked down as a garden variety gaffe if he hadn’t mentioned numerous times earlier in the speech that was in Arizona. In fact, Trump even brought the ghost of sheriff Joe Arpaio up to kiss his ring and say a few words.

On most occasions when Donald Trump tries to campaign these brain lapses seem to happen. It is much more understandable why Trump kept falling asleep at his criminal trial. The ex-president appears to lack the mental stamina necessary to campaign.

It had been weeks since Donald Trump participated in any kind of campaign event before Arizona, and he couldn’t make it through some rambling red meat for the right wing fringe at Turning Point USA without forgetting where he was at.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is overseas marking the 00th anniversary of D-Day and doing just fine.

The candidate who is too old and appears to lack the stamina to be president appears to be Donald Trump, not Joe Biden.

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