Jamie Raskin talks about the original illegal immigrants.

Jamie Raskin Shows Republicans What Real Respect For The Law Looks Like

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 01:08 pm

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) pointed out that he hasn’t heard a single Democrat attack the courts or cry fraud after the Hunter Biden verdict.

Raskin said, “I’ve not heard a single Democrat anywhere in the country cry fraud, cry fixed, cry rigged, cry kangaroo court, or any of the many epithets that our colleagues have mobilized against the US Department of Justice and our federal court system. Despite the fact that Donald Trump was not even tried in federal court that was at the state level. And they pretend to support state prosecutors and state judges, but then they attribute it to the federal government, and they say rigged, fixed kangaroo court and so on. You don’t hear a single peep out of any Democrat saying that. Why? We believe in the rule of law.”

President Biden believed in the rule of law, which is why he did not interfere with or attack his son’s prosecution. The American people have a clear contrast laid out before them. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have proven in both word and deed that the support the idea that no one is above the law.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party are threatening to dismantle the American justice system because they do not believe that the ex-president should be held accountable for the crimes that he has been convicted of committing.

If voters wish for the United States to continue to be a place without kings or dictators, a land where no one is above the law regardless of their last name or status, they have one clear choice: to vote for Biden and Democrats in November.

Jason Easley
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