Clarence Thomas Corruption Bombshell: Senate Finds 3 New Undisclosed Trips

Last updated on June 15th, 2024 at 01:45 pm

The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats have uncovered three new trips that Justice Clarence Thomas received from Harlan Crow that he never disclosed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats posted on Twitter:

Sen. Durban said in a statement, “Let’s be clear: Chief Justice Roberts has the authority to implement an enforceable code of conduct. He’s refused. Until he acts, I will keep pushing for legislation.”

The Senate Can’t Do Much About Clarence Thomas

The problem is that the Senate can’t do anything without new legislation. Impeachment proceedings against Thomas would have to start in the House. There is a less than zero chance that House Republicans would ever investigate Clarence Thomas. The Republican House majority also will not pass any legislation that would lead to ethics reform or oversight of the Supreme Court.

Democrats already have a bill that would impose a code of ethics and independent oversight on the Supreme Court, but the earliest that it will be able to become law is January 2025, and only if Democrats get control of the entire federal government.

In the meantime, all Sen. Dubin can do is push for legislation and continue to investigate.

But if Democrats take back the House and keep the Senate and House, Clarence Thomas’s days as a corrupt Supreme Court justice may be numbered.




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