Biden at the G-7 talks to a parachute jumper.

RNC Gets Fact Checked Back To The Stone Age Over Fake Biden Video

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 at 05:59 pm

The RNC edited a video of President Biden to claim that he was wandering off during the G7, but fact-checkers have been pounding MAGA for their lie.

White House advisor Andrew Bates posted the real and edited versions of the clip:

World leaders like British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak provided the facts, “They had all landed and he was being very polite. And he just went over to kind of talk to all of them individually. They all came to shake all our hands individually. So we were meant to stand in one place rather than go and say hello, because everyone wanted to try and talk to the person who jumped with their flag.”

The Washington Post fact checker called the clip manipulated video:

The use of these clips is an especially pernicious couple of examples of manipulated video — what we label “isolation” under our guide to manipulated video — because it’s intended to create a false narrative that doesn’t reflect the event as it occurred. The RNC and its avid followers in the conservative media earn Four Pinocchios.

CNN called the video deceptively cropped.

The deception is the point. Republicans can’t run on the strengths of Trump because their nominee is coming out of the meeting being compared to a drunk uncle and someone who can’t keep a train of thought, so they need to invent an imaginary Biden through false and deceptively edited videos.

Trump can’t beat the real Biden, so Republicans are trying to fool voters with a fake one instead.

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