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Trump Allegedly Bussed In White Crowd For Detroit Black Church Speech

Last updated on June 17th, 2024 at 03:25 pm

Trump spoke to an almost white crowd in at a black church in Detroit, and some are alleging that his crowd was brought in from outside the city.

Former journalist and Detroit native Ron Fournier posted:

As someone who has been fortunate to spend time in Detroit and the surrounding area over the years, I agree with Fournier. There was something very off with Trump’s black church crowd. First of all, the church was not full. There were a lot of empty seats. Secondly, the crowd was very white. In a city that 80% black, Trump’s black church speech crowd looked 90% white.

Whether or not the crowd was “bussed in” as in put on buses by the Trump campaign and brought to the speech is unknown, but it is safe to say that most of that crowd came in from outside of Detroit. If I was to make a guess, given Trump’s previous history, the crowd was organized and came in from the white suburbs outside of Detroit.

There are some MAGA propagandists like Kellyanne Conway claiming that there were 8,000 people at Trump’s speech. From the video posted above, there were not 8,000 people at Trump’s speech.

Here is another crowd shot:

Trump is trying to fool voters into thinking that he is more popular than he is, which is why it is important for reporters who cover Trump’s events to ask members of the crowd where they are from.


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