Morning Joe talks about freedom and says Democrats are taking back freedom.

Joe Scarborough Says Democrats Are Taking Back The Word Freedom

Last updated on June 18th, 2024 at 02:14 pm

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough pointed out that Democrats are taking back the word freedom, and the message is working with voters.

Scarborough said after a clip of Biden was played featuring the President talking about the rights Republicans and their conservative Supreme Court majority are coming after:

Democrats are taking back the word freedom. For years the NRA, support freedom, vote Scarborough, support freedom, vote whoever they thought was right on gun issues. Now you have Democrats talking about freedom and I will tell you I’ve seen some focus groups where it really cuts through, where Libertarians are saying — Libertarians are now saying, wait a second, this government can hardly do anything right, in their opinion, why in the world are we going to turn our bodies over to them to make decisions about health care? In this focus group, that was a man speaking in a swing state. So this is about freedom and you see the freedom of women that also, I think, for a lot of men they see if that could happen with the women they love, it could also happen to them.


If this election is about freedom, Republicans are in big trouble, because there has never been a presidential nominee in modern era (since 1980) more opposed to individual liberty than Donald Trump. The ex-president is opposed to the right of women to control their own healthcare. He has courted support from organizations that want to ban IVF and birth control. Trump is opposed to rights for trans persons and as president, he weakened gay rights. Trump even wants to deport immigrants who have legally gained rights in the United States out of the country.

Donald Trump is an enemy of democracy and freedom, and when Democrats say that individual rights are on the ballot, they mean it. The good news for those who want to protect freedom and democracy is that the message seems to be getting through and working.

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