Transcript shows Trump lawyer advising fake electors.

Trump’s Severe Memory Issues Revealed By Author 10 Days Before Debate

Last updated on June 19th, 2024 at 11:51 am

Author Ramin Setoodeh said that he spent extensive time interviewing Trump, and the former president has severe memory issues.

Ramin Setoodeh said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

I really got to know Donald Trump post presidency and I got to see what he was like. And over the weekend, he was talking about how Joe Biden needs to take a cognitive test. Joe Biden, you know, isn’t all there, Donald Trump has severe memory issues as the journalist who spent the most time with him, I have to say he couldn’t remember things, he couldn’t even remember me.

We spent an hour together in 2021 in May. And then a few months later, I went back to the White House, I went back to Trump Tower to talk to him about his time in the White House. And he had, I said, he, you know, he had this vacant look on his face. And I said, do you remember me? And he said, no, he had no recollection of our lengthy interview that we had and he wasn’t doing a lot of interviews at that time. So I think that the American public really needs to see this portrait of Donald Trump because this shows what he is like and who he is. And who he has always been.


From getting Rep. Ronny Jackson’s name wrong to CEOs being troubled by Trump’s mental decline after meeting with him, there have been growing signs on top of the campaign heavily managing Trump’s campaign appearances to the point where even his remarks at rallies are scripted on the teleprompter that suggest something is wrong.

While the media is focused on Biden’s performance at the debate, the real attention should be on Trump who will have to stand and speak without his teleprompter or management for two hours.

Republicans are trying to hide Trump’s issues, but the harsh light of a presidential campaign often exposes the truth.

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