Speaker Accidentally Slams Trump At His Own Rally For Being Old

Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI) tried to slam Biden, but accidentally took a shot at Trump while speaking at the ex-president’s rally in Wisconsin.

Steil said, “It’s hard to believe. Donald Trump was first elected to the United States Senate when I was negative eight years old. That’s true.”

The crowd greeted Steil with confused silence.

He corrected himself, “President Biden was elected to the Senate when I was negative eight years old.”

More silence from the crowd, because the moment was long gone.


It isn’t just the severely memory compromised Trump who can’t speak at these rallies anymore.

His own supporters can’t even get even keep Biden and Trump straight.

There is a level of uneasy awkwardness at these Trump rallies that didn’t exist in 2016. It is almost like everybody there knows that they have been doing this for way too long. It has all gotten tired and stale, and when they try to freshen it up, things either go off the rails or get weird really fast.

Trump was never in the US Senate, but Rep. Steil was only negative four years old when Donald Trump was sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination.

Steil’s gaffe was a reminder that no matter how hard Republicans try to lean into Biden’s age, they can’t hide the fact that Donald Trump is really old.

Jason Easley
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