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Trump Forced To Stay In Milwaukee After Trashing GOP Convention Host City

Last updated on June 21st, 2024 at 06:53 pm

Donald Trump was going to stay in Chicago during the Republican convention, but now he will stay in Milwaukee after reporters started asking questions.

The New York Times reported:
When Republicans gather in Milwaukee next month to nominate him for president, Donald J. Trump planned to stay not in the convention’s host city but at a Trump hotel in Chicago, some 90 miles away, according to three people briefed on the former president’s logistics.

That changed midafternoon on Tuesday, after reporters for The Times and an ABC affiliate in Chicago contacted his campaign for comment.

Mr. Trump now intends to stay in Milwaukee, two of the people briefed on his logistics said. The change avoids a perceived slight to the largest city in Wisconsin, a vital battleground state.

None of this would have happened if Trump would not have trashed Milwaukee as a “horrible city” when he was speaking to Republican members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

Trump knows he has a problem, so he tried to damage control during his rally in Wisconsin:

Because he couldn’t keep his mouth closed, Donald Trump will apparently be spending the Republican convention in Milwaukee. If the ex-president is caught trying to commute in from Chicago, it may cost him a critical swing state in November.

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