The Daily: Why Is Trump So Afraid Of Joe Biden?

Donald Trump seems scared of Joe Biden, as the ex-president is trying to reduce expectations for the debate that is coming up in eight days. The question is why is Trump so afraid?

Donald Trump Is Already Making Excuses For The Debate

From our newsletter The Daily:

At Trump’s rally in Recine, Wisconsin, the one-term president said something that, at first pass, seemed like yet another one of his baseless smears against an opponent.

Trump said:

Now we’re going to watch, is anybody going to watch the debate? He’s going to be so pumped up, he’s going to be pumped up. You know, all that stuff that was missing about a month ago from the White House. What happened? Who, who left it? Somebody left it there.

I, I wonder, let’s see, somebody left a laptop in a, an office of a gentleman who was supposed to fix the laptop from hell, he never picked it up and somebody didn’t pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. I wonder who that could have been. I don’t know, actually, I think it was Joe, if you’re one of those.


What Is Trump So Afraid Of?

It is a valid question. If Biden is as feeble and senile as Republicans make him out to be, why is their nominee making excuses for how badly he is going to do at the first presidential debate?

It doesn’t make sense.

If President Biden was really so out of it, then Donald Trump should be looking forward to debating President Biden. He should not be preemptively making excuses for his own failure.

Donald Trump fears Joe Biden, which is why he tried to force Ukraine to manufacture dirt that could be used against Biden in the 2020 election.

Trump is so scared of Biden that he got himself impeached for withholding congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine as part of a blackmail plot.

Donald Trump has been scared of Biden for years. Is it because Biden is the real deal, and each time he and Trump stand side by side, the truth becomes obvious?

Only Donald J. Trump knows for sure, but he gives off the vibe of a convicted felon who knows that he doesn’t belong.

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