Biden Says No Domestic Abusers Should Get Guns While Trump Goes Silent

Last updated on June 23rd, 2024 at 12:05 pm

President Joe Biden put out a clear and strong statement agreement that domestic abusers shouldn’t get guns, while convicted felon Trump has said nothing.

Biden said:

No one who has been abused should have to worry about their abuser getting a gun. As a result of today’s ruling, survivors of domestic violence and their families will still be able to count on critical protections, just as they have for the past three decades.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked to prevent domestic abusers from purchasing guns and to protect all Americans from the threat of gun violence. Thirty years ago, I wrote the Violence Against Women Act, and as President, I have strengthened the law and secured its highest-ever funding. I signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that narrowed the so-called “boyfriend loophole” so that dating partners convicted of domestic violence cannot buy a firearm. And I have taken dozens of executive actions to strengthen gun safety and end gender-based violence.

Vice President Harris and I remain firmly committed to ending violence against women and keeping Americans safe from gun violence. We will continue to call on Congress to further strengthen support and protections for survivors and to take action to stop the epidemic of gun violence tearing our communities apart.

It is a sign of how little the man who was found responsible in a civil court for a rape and who has also been convicted of 34 felonies cares about the safety and welfare of other people that he wouldn’t mention that it is a good idea to not make it easier for people who commit domestic violence to have access to guns.

Trump was apparently so worried about displeasing the NRA that he had to avoid the Supreme Court ruling that it is legal for people who have committed acts of domestic violence to be denied access to guns.

Joe Biden cares about people. Donald Trump doesn’t even try to pretend to feel the same way.

Jason Easley
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