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Trump To Waste His Time Campaigning In Virginia

Last updated on June 23rd, 2024 at 01:03 pm

Instead of campaigning in a state that he has a chance of winning, Donald Trump will be campaigning in Virginia after the presidential debate.

CBS News reported:
Former President Donald Trump plans to return to Virginia for a campaign event on June 28, the day after the first presidential debate, CBS News has learned.

Sources tell CBS News the campaign hasn’t confirmed a location yet, but is looking in the Virginia Beach-Hampton Roads area. The area is home to a significant military population and the U.S. Navy’s fighter-attack jet fleet on the East Coast.

The Trump campaign says it hopes to build off momentum from the debate to carry the former president into the “next phase of the campaign,” a source tells CBS News.

The debate is in Atlanta. Trump would be better served from an election perspective campaigning in Georgia after the debate, but instead, he is going to Virginia, a state that he has virtually no chance of winning.

The Virginia stop seems like one of those moves where Trump thinks he is going show strength by showing up in a state that is getting more blue as time goes on and trying to convince people that he has a chance of winning it.

Trump doesn’t.

The ex-president keeps making bad decisions on everything from hardly spending any time campaigning to campaigning in places like New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, where he has virtually no chance of winning.

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