Trump Appears To Blackout During Interview

Last updated on June 27th, 2024 at 08:53 pm

During an interview with former aide Corey Lewandowski, Trump appeared to blackout while discussing Biden potentially being on drugs.


Lewandowski asks Trump to remind viewers about his comments about Biden being on drugs and needing to be drug tested, and what he got back from Trump was seconds of silence.


Where did Trump go? It certainly didn’t sound like there was an audio or technical issue. Lewandowski waited for Trump to say something and he didn’t. Trump may have just pulled a Mitch McConnell and froze up while talking about how Biden needs drugs to appear at the debate.

In the same interview, Trump claimed that he didn’t need to do debate preparation because he has been preparing for the debate for his whole life, which was just such a lame excuse. It is like a student saying, “I don’t need to study for the test, because I’ve been studying for my whole life.”
Trump is already being warned by Republicans who are nervous that he is going to implode on the debate stage that he should not be himself.

I think the bigger concern for Republicans could be if Donald Trump’s reported memory and cognitive issue surface during the debate.

Something seems off with Trump. He appears to be struggling with phone interviews where he is fed the questions and answers by friendly media.

We’ll find out at 9 PM ET on Thursday what is going on with Donald Trump.

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