Jake Tapper and Dana Bash moderate the CNN debate.

CNN Moderators Do Zero Factchecking And It Leads To Awful Presidential Debate

CNN decided that they would do no fact checking at the presidential debate and it led to an unwatchable 90 minutes that left voters mis and underinformed.

Just a few examples of what CNN let slide:

There could be a dozen more examples, because CNN decided to impose debate rules, but did nothing about the content of the debate.

CNN hosted a debate that did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Instead of informing the electorate, this debate misinformed the electorate because Trump was allowed to tell obvious lies and rewrite history.

The debate was an embarrassment, not because of the age of the candidates or even the questions that were asked. The debate was a nightmare because the moderators decided they would allow Trump to lie and take a hands off policy.

If the American people weren’t turned off on the 2024 election before this debate, they certainly are now, and it all because CNN put profits ahead of journalism.

Jason Easley
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