Melania Trump Is Not At The Debate, But Jill Biden Is

Jill Biden is there to support her husband at the debate, but Melania Trump is nowhere to be seen.


MSNBC reported:
Individuals who are not here as far as we know at this time included Melania Trump, the former first lady. We have yet to see her on the campaign trail with Donald Trump. He announced in November of 2022 the one time we did see her at a quasi campaign stop was when the two of them went and voted at a Florida polling location in March. At that point she was asked whether she would be seen on the campaign trail ahead. She said, quote, stay tuned.

She didn’t — has not appeared at any of the trials, civil or criminals ones in New York. She was not there for post-speeches after his four criminal indictments. Not on the campaign trail so far. The contrast there, if she doesn’t come tonight, Jill Biden, the current first lady, is slated to walk out on stage at the close of the debate alongside her husband Joe Biden.

Melania Trump is making it clear that Donald Trump doesn’t have enough money to pay her to campaign. She didn’t want to be First Lady. She didn’t want to live in Washington, D.C., and she isn’t showing up at the debate.

If Melania Trump can’t be bothered to support her husband, why should anyone else?

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