Trump arrives for presidential debate.

Trump Can Barely Walk Down The Steps As He Arrives At Presidential Debate

A slow moving disheveled Trump showed up for the presidential debate barely able to get down the steps.


Trump was moving very slowly with his tie fluttering about and his hair messed up as he tried to slowly make his way down the steps of his plane after arriving for the presidential debate.

Donald Trump doesn’t look well. I can’t say that he looks as bad as he did when he arrived for the first presidential debate in 2020, because the nation found out later that Trump endangered the lives of many by attending the debate with COVID, but the way Trump showed up for the debate in Georgia is not a good sign.

Who knows? Donald Trump may come out for the debate fresh as a daisy, but what we saw arrive in Georgia was not someone who looked confident, prepared, and ready to debate the President Of The United States.

If this is the Trump that shows up when the cameras go on, Republicans may have a big problem.

Jason Easley
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