Hakeem Jeffries talks about Biden and the Democratic Party.

Hakeem Jeffries Perfectly Explains Why The Democratic Biden Freakout Has To Stop

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) explained why Democrats are sabotaging themselves by freaking out over Biden’s debate performance.

Video of Jeffries:

Rep. Jeffries said:

I have been very clear it was an underwhelming performance Thursday during the debate as President Biden and his campaign have acknowledged.

It certainly was a setback. but of course, I believe that a  setback is nothing more than a setup for a comeback, and the reality is that Joe Biden has confronted and had to come back from tragedy, from trials, from tribulations throughout his entire life.

The moment we are in right now is a comeback moment, and it will require all of us to lean in articulate a forward-looking message as to why the democratic platform is best equipped to deal with the challenges facing the American people, beginning with making sure that every single American has economic opportunity and the chance to experience the American dream.

It is time for Democrats to stop listening to the media and flipping out. Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere, and replacing the nominee would tear the party apart by causing more problems than it would solve. Trump is a strong candidate. He is a former president with dedicated support in a polarized country. Presidential elections are all close, so as much as Democrats may wish that 1/6 or Trump’s felony convictions would lead to a blowout election, that was never going to happen.

Rep. Jeffries was correct. If Democrats become divided, they won’t win, no matter who is at the top of the ticket. Democrats seem to have forgotten how hard it was to beat Trump in 2020 and why they failed to defeat Trump in 2016.

The Chicken Littles in the Democratic Party have had their moment. Polling shows that the sky is not falling. If Democrats want to win this election, they need to stop the emo-kid angst and get back to work.

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