John Fetterman and Joe Biden.

Sen John Fetterman Helps the Media with Nine Questions for a Presidential Candidate

Last updated on July 7th, 2024 at 10:18 pm

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) tried to help the media with a list of 9 questions that should be asked of a presidential candidate, and it’s a list full of questions that get to the character of a presidential candidate and oddly have mostly been ignored by the media.

Fetterman’s Nine Questions:

1) Ever bang a porn star?

2) Ever bribe one?

3) Been impeached?

4) Consumed by revenge?

5) Vow to pardon Jan. 6th insurrectionists?

6) Pay a $25M fine for some shitty college?

7) Promise to be a dictator?

8) Ever destroy Roe?

9) Ever beat Trump?

Fetterman posted this list above a Politico article about the “nine questions” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos should ask the President.

Unrelated to the ABC interview, which seemed deliberately focused on addressing the questions of the beltway press more than the concerns of American voters, we are currently watching the beltway media redo 2016 — but on steroids.

But the beltway press will not be satisfied, because no matter what Joe Biden does, he will not be the cash cow that is Donald Trump. He will not give them the reality TV show they need.

They were obsessed with then presidential candidate and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails and her pneumonia; their palpable contempt for her colored the reporting. Trump skated by with free press and promotion, even though he failed to articulate clear policy plans other than changing the RNC’s platform to help Russia. Certainly by now the beltway press should have more reason to feel as they did about Clinton about Donald Trump, an adjudicated rapist and con artist who was found guilty of 34 felonies by a jury of his peers. And yet, they do not.

Certainly if presidential ability were really the issue, an “objective” media would look at these two candidates and realize that however much Biden stumbles over his words due to his lifelong stutter, he is currently running this country and his term, not even finished yet, has already been graded by presidential experts at the top of the list, while Donald Trump has received the lowest grade.
How come we’re not getting front page freak outs about Trump, the man caught on tape bragging about sexual assault, being an adjudicated rapist with a string of credible accusations to boot?

Why isn’t the beltway moved in collective horror against Trump’s “dictator” for a day comment, along with his refusal to say he’d honor the results of the election, knowing as they all do that the plans for his administration via Project 2025 are the end of this “great experiment” in self-governance?

Perhaps the media is simply a reflection of what we’ve become as a nation (thanks to other media choices, ironically or perhaps most perfectly made as a kick to organized labor), a superficial body addicted to reality TV shows and picking a president based on who survives on the island: Who is the most greedy, who is the best predator, who is the most selfish.

Fetterman’s last point about “Ever beat Trump” is the point that should be driven home for Democrats who are helping a wanna be dictator with their behind the scenes moves for power, which they are too cowardly to put their names to.

Joe Biden might stutter and he is old. He is also a great president, much like FDR, who also struggled with a disability that also did not hurt his ability to run the country one bit.

Joe Biden also beat Trump in 2020. He did what other Democrats could not and did not, because Joe Biden is a unique blend of the perfect candidate to beat a wannabe dictator.

Biden is known to the public after a lifetime of public service, and so can’t be smeared with the usual fear-mongering lie machine. He has an unimpeachable personal character, on display for us all right now as he did not interfere when his own DOJ prosecuted his son for something most others are not prosecuted for. He was in the White House for 8 years as a Vice President as well, and President Obama entrusted him with responsibilities that helped shape Biden into the man who entered the White House in 2021 ready to help a nation struggling under the weight of a violence-inciting dictator’s attempted coup and a global pandemic that Trump handled by dividing the country even more, taking pandemic resources away from blue states and handing them out like rewards to loyalists.

The nation saw that having a petty small man like Trump for a president was deadly.

Fetterman is leading the way forward for Democrats. The election is about Joe Biden’s character. It’s about Donald Trump’s character. It’s about presidential ability. It’s about intentions. It’s about respect for this country.

It’s also about who beat the dictator-in-waiting already.

Sarah Jones

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