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GOP In Disarray: Conservative Leaders Warn of Split in Trump Coalition Over Abortion

While media hysterics hyping a few House Democrats’ power grab try to divide the Left, conservative leaders are warning of a coming split in Donald Trump’s coalition due to his stance on abortion.

“The escalating behind-the-scenes disagreement over the abortion language has become so tense and acrimonious in recent weeks that some social conservative leaders have issued public warnings of a coming split within Trump’s coalition,” the Washington Post’s Michael Scherer and Josh Dawsey reported.

“Trump advisers, in turn, have been angered by the public pressure from antiabortion activists, according to people familiar with the campaign’s internal discussions,” they report. But Trump world isn’t too worried about it because they know they have evangelicals in the bag no matter how he diverts from their stance on the issue. “At the same time, Trump allies are not overly worried about the platform skirmish, because evangelicals strongly opposed to abortion have remained among his most fervent supporters regardless of his evolving positions on the issue.”

Donald Trump has changed his position on abortion because it’s politically expedient for him to do so, and he’s gambling that he can take evangelicals for granted now that he overturned Roe, which is a pretty good bet because where else are they going to go.

The one danger zone for Trump on this is if they stay home.

Pew says that “63% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 36% say it should be illegal in all or most cases.”

In other words, Trump can’t win an election if he maintains the Republican platform call for a “personhood amendment.”

“Donald Trump has begun to review draft language for the 2024 Republican platform that antiabortion leaders expect will abandon the party’s decades-long call to amend the U.S. Constitution to extend personhood protections to the unborn, according to multiple people involved with the discussions,” the Post explained.

Another way of looking at this besides the obvious “Republicans in disarray” that somehow isn’t getting the media coverage that a few Democrats are getting in the other corner is that Republicans are on the run from the abortion platform they’ve been pushing for decades.

They’re on the run because Roe exposed the fundamental flaw in their reasoning and argument, which is if they believe — contrary to science — that abortion is “murder” then they must not make any exceptions for the life of the mother, a rape victim or an incest victim.

The problem then becomes that the public is appalled by the cruelty of a law that forces a 10-year-old rape victim to have her rapists’ baby. Hence, Republicans trying to soften their messaging while not changing their platform, which did not work.

Donald Trump is many things, but a fool he is not. He rode evangelicals to the White House in 2016, using them for their abortion stance, and now he’s done with them and knows he has them in the bag no matter how he treats them. That’s Donald Trump – he doesn’t respect who brought him to the party because the truth is he never cared about abortion.

He only ever cared about winning power for himself.

Sarah Jones

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