44 V 2

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, 44th President of the United States of America

Rachel Maddow: Obama Has Accomplished 85% of First Term Agenda in 2 Years

Obama Marks Veterans Day By Standing Up For Those Who Served In Bush’s Wars

History Says Obama Made The Right Call With Economic Executive Orders

Good Grief: Debunking The Myth Of The Obama Christmas Tree Tax

84% Of White Working Class Americans Side With Obama On Taxing The Rich

I Can See Barack Obama’s Second Term From My Kitchen Window

Obama Demands That The GOP Explain To America Why They Refuse To Create Jobs

In 300+ Days The GOP Has Created 0 and Killed 4.2 Million Jobs

Bernie Sanders Straight Talk: The GOP Is Sinking The Economy To Defeat Obama

Watch Team Obama Define and Destroy Mitt Romney In 30 Seconds

GOP Holds America Hostage By Denying Jobs Today for Elections Tomorrow

Obama Accomplishments courtesy of the Daily Kos

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