Report: Trump Wants Elise Stefanik to Replace Cheney But His Supporters Hate Her

50 mins ago

There's a reason why Donald Trump has remained the most powerful figure in the Republican party and it has nothing…

Rudy Giuliani’s Security Detail in Ukraine Was Handled by Betsy DeVos’ Brother’s Controversial Company

The second time Donald Trump was impeached, it was his own fault. The former President's lies about the election had…

2 hours ago

Trump Terrorist Claims Fox News Brainwashed Him Into Attacking Capitol

Trump terrorist Anthony Antonio is blaming his actions during the attack on the Capitol on watching Fox News for six…

2 hours ago

Enjoy it While it Lasts: Jen Psaki Says She Will Step Down in 2021 After Serving Around One Year

After years of Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany, Jen Psaki has been a breath of fresh air.…

4 hours ago

Senate Democrats Make First Move To Block DeJoy From Gutting USPS

A group of Democratic Senators, including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), have introduced a bill that would block Louis DeJoy's ten-year…

5 hours ago

NY AG Takes Legal Action Against Trump Conspiracy Theorists For Threatening Black Votes

New York Attorney General Letitia James has taken legal against Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman for trying to disenfranchise black…

6 hours ago

Ron DeSantis And Florida GOP Immediately Sued After Signing Election Rigging Law

A coalition of Florida voting rights groups immediately sued Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republican officials for violating the First…

7 hours ago

Ron DeSantis Bans All Media, Except Fox News, From His Election Rigging Bill Signing

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) banned all other media outlets, with the exception of Fox News, from his attending his…

8 hours ago

Twitter Removed Trump’s Newest Account After He Tried to Get On the Platform Again

Twitter announced that it had suspended former President Donald Trump's newest account, his latest attempt to return to the platform…

8 hours ago

Can “Devolution” Save American Politics?

Conservatives have long argued that the federal government should do less, and instead “devolve” (i.e., hand back) power and money…

8 hours ago

Opinion: Republicans Are On a Fascist Crusade to Silence the People and Nullify the Constitution

None of these fascist measures are constitutional and yet it is doubtful the conservatives on the Supreme Court will lift…

11 hours ago

WATCH: Chris Hayes Ruthlessly Mocks Ted Cruz as the Ultimate Donald Trump Enabler

Ted Cruz was one of the first members of the resistance against Donald Trump. The Texas senator finished 2nd to…

23 hours ago

Preet Bharara Says Even if Giuliani Wants to Flip on Trump Prosecutors Won’t Find Him Credible

It's hard to imagine anyone staining their reputation as bad as Rudy Giuliani has. At one point, he was a…

24 hours ago

WATCH: Meghan McCain Says Women Will Continue to Bolt the GOP if They Oust Liz Cheney

Meghan McCain's father John McCain was one of the most revered Republicans of his day. He was often referred to…

1 day ago

QAnon GOP Are Now Looking For Bamboo In Arizona Ballots

The QAnon cultists are checking the Arizona ballots for bamboo fibers, but they think that ballots were smuggled in from…

1 day ago

Conspiracy Theorists Taylor Greene and Carlson Push Idea That Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are Lovers

Tucker Carlson has gone completely off the rails over the last few months. The Fox host was always controversial, but…

1 day ago

Joe Biden Laments Disarray in the GOP Ranks, “We Badly Need a Republican Party”

When Donald Trump was running for President in 2016, Lindsey Graham famously said, "If we nominate Trump, we will get…

1 day ago

The Republican Plot To Demonize Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Has Flopped

The latest Politico/Morning Consult Poll shows that Biden's infrastructure plan is actually slightly more popular when the cost is mentioned.

1 day ago

Jen Psaki Just Schooled A Hysterical Ted Cruz On The First Amendment

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to Trump's continued Facebook ban with hysteria and threats, but Jen Psaki straightened him out.

1 day ago

Sherrod Brown Calls Rand Paul a “Lunatic” for Not Wearing a Mask

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in a statement to reporters said Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is a "lunatic" for refusing to…

1 day ago

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