House Republicans Claim They Only Offered Family Tours On The Eve Of 1/6 Attack

14 hours ago

Rep. Barry Loudermilk denies providing a reconnaissance tour to terrorists and says he only gave family tours.

1/6 Committee Has Bombshell Evidence Of GOP Guided Tours Before Attack

TheĀ  1/6 Committee wants to talk to Rep. Barry Loudermilk because the committee has evidence of GOP provided guided tours…

14 hours ago

Madison Cawthorn Tantrums And Vows To Expose GOP National Figures After Primary Loss

In case you were wondering how Madison Cawthorn would take his primary defeat, Cawthorn is throwing a fit and vowing…

15 hours ago

Senate Unanimously Sends Bill To Combat Baby Formula Shortage To Biden

The Senate has passed legislation via unanimous consent to combat the baby formula shortage which now goes to President Biden's…

16 hours ago

Trump Commands the Pennsylvania GOP to ‘Stop Finding Votes,’ And Asks If Primary Is ‘RIGGED’

But one should frame that Trump "truth" - because that quote is truly Trump, through and through, initially hilarious, underlyingly…

17 hours ago

11 Senate Republicans Betray Democracy By Voting Against $40 Billion Ukraine Aid

The Senate voted 86-11 to pass $40 billion in Ukraine aid, but all 11 votes against were Republicans.

18 hours ago

Tucker Carlson Asked Hunter Biden For Help Getting His Son Into Georgetown

Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for help getting his son into Georgetown as the Fox fraudster continues to be exposed.

18 hours ago

GOP Fears Rise as Trump’s 2022 Pennsylvania Antics Look Increasingly Like Georgia 2020

The entire situation reeks of Georgia 2020 and how Trump handed the United States Senate to the Democrats by angering…

19 hours ago

Roe Overturn Could Unleash A Blue Wave As 2/3 Of Democrats Now Say They Are More Likely To Vote

A new poll has some very bad news for Republicans as two-thirds of Democrats say they will vote in the…

20 hours ago

Like A Dad Who Can’t Figure Out The TV Remote, Trump Brings Don Jr. To Fix Truth Social

Donald Trump thinks Google is out to get him and has brought in his son Don Jr. to fix Truth…

20 hours ago

These 9 House Republicans Voted To Deny Formula To Poor Babies

There were nine House Republicans who voted to deny babies in lower-income households baby formula.

23 hours ago

192 House Republicans Vote Against Providing Babies With Formula

One hundred and ninety-two House Republicans voted against legislation that would provide funding to the FDA to ease the baby…

23 hours ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene Might Get Herself Tossed Off The Ballot With Stunt At DC Mayor’s Office

The legal action to disqualify Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got a boost as she showed up at the DC Mayor's…

2 days ago

Former Trump Press Secretary Testifies Before The 1/6 Committee For A Second Time

Former Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is appearing before the 1/6 Committee for a second time.

2 days ago

Republicans Are Panicking Because They Think Doug Mastriano Will Implode And Cost Them The Senate

Republicans are already worrying that having 1/6 insurrectionist Doug Mastriano at the top of the ticket will cost them the…

2 days ago

Eric Swalwell Goes Off And Slams GOP Government Mandated Pregnancies

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) laid it out during a House hearing where he accused Republicans of trying to enforce government-mandated…

2 days ago

DHS Braces for Violence On Release Of Abortion Opinion Ruling

DHS is preparing for the likelihood of a violent response to the SCOTUS's imminent release of the Mississippi abortion ruling.…

2 days ago

Trump Takes No Blame After PA Senate Primary Dumpster Fire He Created Could Get John Fetterman Elected

Trump turned the Pennsylvania Senate primary into a dumpster fire that may cost Republicans a Senate seat, but he is…

2 days ago

Trump’s China Problem Returns As DOJ Sues Steve Wynn For Being An Unregistered Chinese Lobbyist

Trump advisor and friend Steve Wynn has been sued by the Department of Justice for acting as an unregistered Chinese…

2 days ago

Alito Is Wrong, Ben Franklin, Abortion, And The Fourth Amendment

Alito's entire rationale falls apart if a doctor visits a woman at home and performs an abortion. In other words,…

2 days ago