Rachel Maddow: Public Impeachment Hearings Will Show In Full View That Trump Betrayed America

10 hours ago

The first two witnesses set to testify on Wednesday mark only the beginning of a public impeachment process that will…

Trump Wants To Fire The National Security Official Who Sounded The Alarm Over Ukraine

Donald Trump wants to terminate the national security official who first reported the Ukraine whistleblower complaint to Congress.

12 hours ago

Even Trump’s Own Aides Are Tuning Him Out And Ignoring His Rants

The people who work for Trump in the White House have learned to tune him out and ignore his daily…

13 hours ago

Adam Schiff Makes A Devastating Case Against Trump For Bribery

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) laid out the strong argument that Trump could be impeached for bribery.

13 hours ago

On Impeachment Eve, Trump Busted For Mueller Perjury

During Roger Stone's trial, it was revealed that President Trump committed perjury when he lied to Mueller about Wikileaks.

14 hours ago

Trump Tries To Con Voters With Fake 2020 Middle Class Tax Cut

Trump is asking his White House to come up with a proposal to cut "middle class" taxes before the 2020…

16 hours ago

Trump Absurdly Claims That Ivanka Created 14 Million Jobs

While speaking in New York, Trump made the absurd and untrue claim that his daughter Ivanka has created 14 million…

17 hours ago

John Bolton Confirms That Trump Is Compromised And Making Policy Decisions For Cash

In a private speech Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton said that the president made a foreign policy decision…

19 hours ago

Democrats Promise A First Hour Blockbuster Trump Impeachment Hearing

House Democrats are saying that the first hour of the Trump impeachment hearings will be a blockbuster led by Intelligence…

21 hours ago

Joe Biden Gives Trump A Veterans Day Smackdown By Calling Him A Failed Commander-In-Chief

The former vice president said Trump has repeatedly let down American troops and snubbed U.S. allies, all while embracing dictators…

1 day ago

Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Shows Trump Let Russia Run America’s Ukraine Policy

New testimony confirms what Hillary Clinton said during the 2016 presidential campaign: Donald Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin.

1 day ago

Trump Didn’t Want Ukraine To Have Missiles Because It Would Upset Russia

Trump and Mick Mulvaney put a hold on providing Javelin missiles to Ukraine because they didn't want to upset Russia.…

2 days ago

Trump Stalls And Says He Will Release Ukraine Call Transcript This Week

Trump said he would release the transcript of his first Ukraine call last week, but on Monday, he said it…

2 days ago

Nicolle Wallace Lays Out The Crushing Impeachment Evidence Against Trump

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace summarized the overwhelming impeachment evidence against Donald Trump for his Ukraine shakedown.

2 days ago

Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Busts Trump Freezing Ukraine Aid

The transcript of the testimony of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper reveals that Trump ordered Mick Mulvaney to…

2 days ago

John Bolton Tells Mick Mulvaney To Get Lost As Impeachment Wrecks Trump

Mick Mulvaney tried to get in on John Bolton's lawsuit on impeachment subpoenas and was rejected by the former national…

2 days ago

Rudy Giuliani Wants To Launch An Impeachment Podcast

Rudy Giuliani was overheard in a restaurant discussing his plans to launch a podcast about the impeachment of Donald Trump.

2 days ago