Opinion: Militant Moderates and Bernie’s Revolutionaries Are Donald Trump’s Best Friends

The only people who were more excited about Bernie Sanders’s win in Nevada than Sanders and his supporters were Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Trump wants a second term so that he can stay out of jail and kill American democracy once and for all. Putin wants a weakened America so that his Russia can regain status as an important player in the world’s politics. Both, rightly or wrongly, believe that of all the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders is the easiest one for Trump to beat. read more

Opinion: Democracy and Bullying Don’t Mix

A small and intimidating group of self-described Bernie supporters are a stark reminder of the core reason Donald Trump has to go.  Democracy and Bullying don’t mix.

Most of the time, authoritarianism is about leveraging and abusing power against the populace for a tyrant’s personal gain. Trump did it with the Ukraine. He did it again last Friday during his meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo and he did it again with the wedding present he gave Stephen Miller. read more

Opinion: We Need To Be Willing To Sacrifice To Make Trump A One Term President

Winners and losers of CNN Democratic debate

The deeper we fall into the hell of Donald Trump’s presidency, the harder it is to keep hope alive. I’ve been trying to channel my mother for answers – and I don’t believe in channeling.

So it comes as no surprise to me at all that a Quinnipac poll shows Joe Biden lost 22% of his support among black voters, with Michael Bloomberg as the chief beneficiary, with a gain of 15% support among black voters. read more

Opinion: Adam Schiff Tried To Return The Senate To Its Former Self As A “Deliberative Body”

If Donald Trump cared about any American citizen being corrupt, he would have gone to our law enforcement agencies and the State Department to have them look into it. He would not have gone to the newly-elected president of Ukraine, a young, inexperienced former reality show star who campaigned on solving the corruption problems that came with being a satellite of the Soviet Union. read more

Opinion: Impeachment Is The Christmas Present Trump Deserves

Days after Speaker Pelosi led the House to impeach Donald Trump, the president and Republican leaders continue to feel the same sting a child feels when punished.

The fact that impeachment happened before Congress and the President went to their holiday destinations means Donald Trump got the Christmas present he deserved. For once, the return reflected the quality of his decisions and deeds. read more

Opinion: House To Decide If Our Future Is As An Exceptional Democracy Or An Ordinary Dictatorship

Trump riffs on impeachment at Turkey pardon

The way we answer the call for Donald Trump’s impeachment will reveal whether we want America to continue as an exceptional democracy or to become an ordinary dictatorship.

The House Judiciary Committee is debating two articles of impeachment, namely obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.   If, as expected, the articles of impeachment pass the committee, they’ll move on to the House. read more