Opinion: Adam Schiff Tried To Return The Senate To Its Former Self As A “Deliberative Body”

If Donald Trump cared about any American citizen being corrupt, he would have gone to our law enforcement agencies and the State Department to have them look into it. He would not have gone to the newly-elected president of Ukraine, a young, inexperienced former reality show star who campaigned on solving the corruption problems that came with being a satellite of the Soviet Union. read more

Opinion: Impeachment Is The Christmas Present Trump Deserves

Days after Speaker Pelosi led the House to impeach Donald Trump, the president and Republican leaders continue to feel the same sting a child feels when punished.

The fact that impeachment happened before Congress and the President went to their holiday destinations means Donald Trump got the Christmas present he deserved. For once, the return reflected the quality of his decisions and deeds. read more

Opinion: House To Decide If Our Future Is As An Exceptional Democracy Or An Ordinary Dictatorship

Trump riffs on impeachment at Turkey pardon

The way we answer the call for Donald Trump’s impeachment will reveal whether we want America to continue as an exceptional democracy or to become an ordinary dictatorship.

The House Judiciary Committee is debating two articles of impeachment, namely obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.   If, as expected, the articles of impeachment pass the committee, they’ll move on to the House. read more

Opinion: Broken Immigration System Blames Those Who Lack Privilege For Its Failings

I had my green card renewed this past Monday, without incident. The entire process took 15 minutes. That’s privilege at work. I’m a college-educated white woman and I was processed in Virginia by a staff who did more to promote the greatness of America during those fifteen minutes than the entire Trump administration has done during the 3 years of that nightmare presidency. read more

Opinion: Giving Thanks, A Privileged Immigrant’s Perspective

If you’re enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, that in itself is something to be thankful for.  There are many people who won’t be spending the day that way.  Some of them will be working, providing service to people getting the forgotten “must-haves” for their Thanksgiving dinner.  There are children who will be spending their first Thanksgiving in cages and separated from their families.  And yes, it follows there are parents who are spending their first Thanksgiving in a jail cell fearing for where their children are. read more