Opinion: Ambassador Bill Taylor Decimated Trump’s Ukraine Defense With Facts, Documentation and Character

Bill Taylor Ukraine quid pro quo

After days of anticipation, Ambassador Bill Taylor gave testimony that decimated Donald Trump’s claim that there was no quid pro quo when he shook down the president of Ukraine.

Taylor, a career civil servant, served America for fifty years in multiple posts Stateside and abroad. He came back from retirement to serve as ambassador to Ukraine following Trump’s crude dismissal of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch because she got in the way of Trump’s scam. read more

Opinion: Elijah Cummings Is Dancing With the Angels Now

Elijah Cummings

We woke up to the tragic news that Elijah Cummings died. He was a great warrior for justice, for civil rights, for fairness. What can you say about a great man who dedicated his life to making things better for the people of Baltimore, of Maryland and of America?  He may be resting in power and he may be dancing with the angels, but America is going to feel that gaping hole in its heart for a long time. read more

Opinion: How Messaging Destroyed the Democracy Show

Three years of Donald Trump and his crazy reality show showed us how messaging destroyed the democracy show.

You may have seen the video portraying Donald Trump as a mass killer going after his long list of “enemies” that included a past president, current possible opponents and people Trump and his crowd just don’t like very much. The New York Times  broke the story on Sunday. read more

Opinion: Process is More Powerful Than a Magic Wand

Trump reporter Biden Ukraine

The story of Ukraine proves that process is more powerful than a magic wand.  Indeed in the days since the first reporting about Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to extort dirt on Joe Biden from Ukraine in exchange for previously promised military aid, the momentum for impeachment has built unlike at any time during the Trump presidency. read more

Opinion: Children Cannot Consent

Children cannot give consent to so many things under the law.

Whether it’s when someone rapes children, when children get medical treatment, or when children escape violence, their stories are framed as if they can give consent. We see this with the Jeffrey Epstein case, with medical deferments of deportation, and with asylum cases. This article barely scratches the surface. read more

Opinion: Inciting Hatred Ought to Be an Impeachable Offense

[Where indicated, this article includes opinion by Tobias J. Grant, legal analyst at PoliticusUSA]

If a president incites one group of Americans to hate another group of Americans, it ought to be an impeachable offense. No matter what your views on the size of government may be, surely we can agree that a President must be duty bound to protect all Americans – not just the ones he likes. read more

Opinion: Mueller’s Testimony Will Show Us The Ways To Say There Was Collusion and Obstruction

Democrats are hoping that Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday will show us all the ways you can say there was “collusion” and there was obstruction.

In reality, there was evidence to show that Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. Since then, Donald Trump has done everything imaginable and beyond that to obstruct the facts. read more

Opinion: Patriotism Means Rejecting Trump’s Sh*t hole Vision for America

Trump citizenship question

The most patriotic thing an American can do is reject Donald Trump’s sh*t hole “vision” for America. It’s not because Donald Trump proposed it. It’s because his “vision” consistently brought war and political instability every time it was tried by ordinary countries in history who were trying to achieve the exceptionalism that America already has. Exceptionalism doesn’t mean perfection. read more