Opinion: Kamala Harris Is A Profile in Courage and Breaking Barriers

Kamala Harris broke barriers at every stage of her career. Now she’s going for the one between women and the White House. Everything about Kamala Harris is so much more than merely not being Trump.

Though I will concede she is as much the opposite of Trump as one would want to be. read more

Opinion: #Brokeahontus Is The Latest Attempt To Out Trump Trump

I seldom pay attention to stories about the trending hashtags on Twitter. Yet, #Brokeahontus caught my eye. Not because it was trending, but because  of a tweet by Walter Schaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics. read more

Opinion: Trump Defends Cyber-Bullies As Melania Holds Annual #BeBest Campaign

The bullies of America know that Donald Trump has their backs. The bully can  even be a race horse, for whom Trump will tweet a defense. Politically correct “MAGA” talk show hosts, people who are known to bully and harass on social media, can count on Trump to cry “censorship” when they are acted against. Naturally, Trump’s passion for free speech only applies to the free speech protections for his own tribe. read more

Reliving My Mother’s Nightmare as a Holocaust Survivor in Trump’s America

I know about the walking wounded, because that was my mother. She was a brilliant scientist who was nominated for the Nobel Prize. It was one of those times when yeah, it’s a big deal just to be nominated. That’s because my mother was an immigrant, a Holocaust survivor and a woman.

Opinion: Traits Consistent with Fascism Falsely Inflate Trump Support

Trump student of history

As Donald Trump continues his war with the rule of law that he used to say he believes in, there are signs that Republican support for him may be softening. Certainly, one can look at the increase in support for Trump and his Putin-first agenda and conclude the opposite. Smaller numbers with increased conformity to traits consistent with fascism gives the appearance of increased support for Trump. read more

Opinion: Poway Shooting Proves That Trump Has To Go

This was going to be a column on what looks to me like softening Republican support for Donald Trump. Instead it’s going to be about an aspect of one of the reasons Trump should be impeached.  I will write that other column, but not today. read more

Opinion: The House Must Use The Mueller Road Map To Condemn Trump

The pre-Easter weekend news dump of the Mueller report failed. We all heard AG Barr’s pre-emptive strike – a highly unusual presser where he actually trotted out the idea that being frustrated is a defense when one is suspected of conspiring with a hostile foreign power to cheat his way to victory in an election. read more

Opinion: Trump’s War With Ilhan Omar Is Also A War With Our First Amendment Rights

Last Friday, the president of the United States waged war on the First Amendment unlike anything I’ve witnessed.  It gets more twisted because Trump’s weapon of choice was an abuse of the First Amendment. read more

It’s 2016 All Over Again When It Comes to Media Bias in Election Coverage

Women and enlightened men know misogyny is baked into the media’s coverage of presidential elections. While Trump’s 2016 win was the result of a combination of forces, one of those forces was media bias.
That isn’t merely the opinion of this writer; there is data proving Trump got preferential treatment, be it from the volume of newspaper articles and live streaming of his campaign events to giving him free passes when he incited hatred and violence or when he just told ordinary lies. read more

Opinion: Trump Immigration Policy Is a Reality Horror Show

In Donald Trump’s world, immigrants provide two essential services:  as free or nearly free labor and as a political piñata.

Of the long list of people and groups of people Trump hates, immigrants have had the most exposure to Trump’s authoritarian aspirations. read more

Analysis: The Only Thing The Barr Letter Proves Is Mueller Was Not on a Witch Hunt

For the past couple of years, we endured Donald Trump’s paranoid claims about fellow Republican, Robert Mueller.

Throughout it all, Trump lied when he called Mueller an angry Democrat on a witch hunt. read more

Opinion: Investigation Comes Before – Not Instead Of – Impeachment

When I started writing this piece, it was going to be in defense of Nancy Pelosi’s argument against a premature rush to impeachment.  Her reasoning still stands.  I was going to point to the fact that she wants a real investigation (vs. what the Republicans did ) and bi-partisan support – since the Republicans do control the Senate.  Impeachment by the House, followed by acquittal in the Senate would reduce a trial about Trump’s multiple abuses of power, lack of temperament, immaturity, and general incompetence to an exercise in partisanship. read more

Opinion: #FiveWhiteMen Stand for Misogyny Not Progress

Last week, Democrats won the House back with a caucus that looks more like America than at any other time.  Over 100 women will be in the House.  Thanks to the women who ran, who worked to elect Democrats and the people who voted for them, Donald Trump will face oversight for the first time in his presidency.  Progress that Trump has been trying to roll back will be protected. read more

Midterms Reminded Us How Race Affects Your Voting Experience

It’s a week after the midterm elections and we still don’t know the full extent of the blue wave. Here’s what we do know.  Even though vote suppression was at its ugliest, Americans navigated the obstacles in record numbers to renounce Donald Trump’s version of nationalism.  We were reminded that race continues to affect our voting experience, especially in Republican controlled states. read more

Opinion: Melania Trump’s Inner Romanov Came Out To Fire Mira Ricardel

Melania Trump has a Romanov complex. There were signs of it with the casual way she throws tax payer money away, beginning with her decision to stay in New York for several months following her husband’s inauguration. read more

The Day the Supreme Court Became A Bit Player In Trump’s Reality Show

Coming to a Senate hearing room near you, Act II in the transition of the Supreme Court to merely a bit player in the Trump Reality Show.

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination reflects a broken confirmation process where the bulk of his background is effectively under seal, and the emphasis was on p.r. instead of his character and his views about the law. read more

Opinion: The High Tech Lynching of Women In Defense of Kavanaugh

Anyone old enough to remember Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing, remembers that Anita Hill came forward at the last minute. She testified and, true to any situation when a woman accuses a man of inappropriate sexual behavior ranging from harassment to rape, she was vilified.

In the Name of the Rule of Law Kavanaugh Must Be Stopped

If confirmed, Neil Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade. That’s despite the rhetorical pat on the head he gave Senator Susan Collins while telling her not to worry her pretty little head about it. Without question, Kavanaugh will attack civil rights with a gusto that only white supremacists and neo-Nazis could love. read more

John McCain: The Last Republican Who Knew It Takes Two Wings to Fly

John McCain was the last Republican who understood that good politics is about compromise, and without it, you’re left with tyranny.

It takes two wings for a bird or an airplane to fly and ultimately it takes two wings for a policy to be sustained. read more

Opinion: Putin Appears To Be Attacking Nancy Pelosi And Some Progressives Are Falling For It

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are very likely to take back the House in November and just like in 2016, the prospect of a strong, capable woman being in a position of power scares the Kremlin and the Republican Party. read more