Amy Morton

Amy Morton is Chair of Better Georgia, Inc. and a 20 year veteran of progressive politics in the Peach State. She previously chaired Georgia's WIN List, was Vice Chair of Victory 2010, the Coordinated Campaign of the Democratic Party of Georgia and has consulted on multiple candidates and independent committees. A North Carolina native, Amy is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has her own practice in Macon, Georgia where she has lived for the last 28 years.

Is Georgia Ready For Hillary Clinton?

Midterm election results in Georgia show progressive trends and point to battleground potential for the 2016 presidential race.

7 years ago

Junk Deal: GOP Governor Nathan Deal And The Longest Running Scandal in Georgia’s History

The story of how corruption in the car salvage business spawned a scandal that reaches from Congress to the Georgia…

7 years ago

The FBI Is Investigating Georgia Republican Gov. Nathan Deal’s Ethics Scandal

With the FBI looking into an ethics scandal with close ties to Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA), the incumbent governor is…

8 years ago

A Progressive Storm Brews in the South: Democrats Eye Georgia’s Open Senate Seat

A perfect progressive storm could propel a Democrat to victory in Georgia's open senate seat.

9 years ago

GOP Gov Appoints Obama Conspiracy Theorist to Georgia Public Broadcasting

Chip Rogers, the disgraced former Georgia Senate Majority Leader and former treasurer of ALEC, is now a highly paid employee…

9 years ago

Georgia GOP Believes the UN is Using Mind Control to Take Over the US

Majority Leader Chip Rogers believes the United Nations is using Soviet-era mind control techniques to take over the U.S. through…

9 years ago

New Georgia Poll: Presidential Race Tied Among Early Voters

Is the once bright red state of Georgia trending blue? According to recent polling and voter registration statistics the answer…

9 years ago

Georgia Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Refuse To Be Tested

Even though Georgia Republicans are trying to force mandatory drug testing on the state's moms, they refuse to be tested…

10 years ago

Georgians Tell Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Mandate, ‘You Pee First!’

Better Georgia is helping voters send a simple, direct message to Gov. Nathan Deal and his Republican allies who are…

10 years ago

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Under Fire on Job Creation

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has come under fire for an already failed top-down jobs strategy, that has left the state…

10 years ago

Georgia’s Real Mama Grizzlies Stand Up Against Nathan Deal

In Georgia, Real Women – more than 20,000 of them - are Real Mad about Nathan Deal’s history of failing…

11 years ago

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