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Financial writer, bookseller, strategic thinker, consultant, progressive activist, scifi geek, music lover, theater person, mastermind. B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara Cum Laude. J.D. University of Illinois. Member, California Bar. Would choose flight over invisibility but teleporting over both. Editor and contributing writer, FIX America, How Each of Us Can Help All of Us. Follow me on Twitter @buybk. Join me in progressive politics at


How We Got Here: The View From Wall Street

There has been a lot of deserved talk about the three legs of corporatism: the right wing message machine, religious fundamentalists, and corporate billionaire funding. However, not as much has been said about Wall Street’s overarching contribution: its creeping dominance over our economy and how its amoral philosophical values have seeped into every part of our culture.

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