Close Guantanamo? Don’t Rush to Judgment!

A “state-of-the-art, maximum security prison” will be ready at the same time the closing of Gitmo goes to top of the president’s agenda

Marco Rubio Works the Friendlier Confines of South Carolina

marco rubio cnn state of the union

Rubio's opposition to the First Amendment found a sympathetic ear, asking “How can we use the constitution to cut down our religion?”

More Questions And Few Answers After Iowa Caucuses

Sometimes an Iowa victory means something and paves the way to the White House. Other times, an Iowa victory leads nowhere.

Republicans Show Indifference to Any and All Constituent Dangers

The political burlesque of Trump vs. Fox vs. Cruz vs. common sense and thoughtful approaches to the world's problems continues to paper over an issue that deserves far more coverage than it's getting.

President Trump. Your Worst Fears Realized!

Trump close down internet CNN debate

In his quest for a new Camelot, Donald Trump seems to defy every norm (and hair color), and the Bible along with it

Democratic Debate; Little Hyperbole, Just Reasonable Solutions

ABC News Democratic Debate

Any objective observer would note that there is far less hysteria and more reasonable and thoughtful attempts to solve the problems that vex most Americans.

Republican Latest Top Four Poll Presidential Favorites: Ho Hum!

Trump, Cruz, Carson and Rubio are the latest poll summit occupiers representing a weak slate of the best the Republicans can do

ISIS and Another Silly Donald Trump Non-Solution

Trump is ahead in the Republican presidential race because he spares supporters from having to learn about the subject matter at hand

Corporate Health Care Giants Make Their Move

These are the halcyon days for PoliticusUSA. Staff writers and contributors have an endless smorgasbord of Republican rubbish to expose. You could write on a different issue that Republicans have twisted and misrepresented every day for a year and you still wouldn’t cover the endless destruction wrought through their fealty to the corporate multi-national gods. read more

Trump’s Circus Comes to Town. There Goes the Neighborhood!

Trump rally in Dallas

Donald Trump came to a neighboring town (that would be Spartanburg, South Carolina) Friday, November 20. He brought his still-viable campaign to Wofford, a small, well-respected, private Methodist college, founded before the Civil War.

ISIS: Addressing a New Level of Brutality

ISIS nastiness is not limited to beheadings. As in Paris, they'll just as likely plant bombs in your facility or on themselves

The Savage Inhumanity of the Paris Attacks

The joie de vivre of the wonderfully joyful city of Paris has been quashed by AK-47 armed, suicide-belted extremists bent on wantonly taking as many random lives as possible before welcoming their own demise.

Republican Debate Sends The Message That Statesmen & Stateswomen Need Not Apply

Entitlements were under siege last night, as were any services to the poor. It wasn't a debate; it was an homage to wealth and bigotry.

For The Republican Far Right Facts and Reason Are Irrelevant

I learned some scary things about the far right-wing of the Republican Party Tuesday. Ironically enough, the source was anything but scary to the naked eye. She was a bright senior citizen and dedicated Christian with a penchant for witnessing.

Was Republican Benghazi Hearing America’s Most Embarrassing Moment?

I can't imagine a greater U.S. legislative embarrassment to show the world.

Democrats Hear Joe Biden’s Moving Answer

His address to the media was most likely one of the better speaking efforts he's given in his career. There was a sincerity that was truly honest. Biden really had no reason to gild any of his comments.

The Democratic Debate… And Then There Were Three!

The political version of Nashville is Martin O'Malley. His script is consistent, intelligent and would be good for America, a country that politically has declined to fourth-world status. If you watched CNN's somewhat bizarre Tuesday night debate, you know of what I speak.

Republican Legislators Were Wrong in South Carolina Flood Disaster and 17 People Died

The torrential rains started falling, the 400 million looked like a bargain. Infrastructures began collapsing like proverbial dominoes. Just like the Democrats predicted it would in such a circumstance.

Another Day, Another Mass Killing: Accessories To The Crime Republican Legislators & the NRA

Clearly, the continuance of these mass murders can easily be tracked to the lack of legislative courage, driven by the NRA, to do what other civilized countries have done; mount legislation that will virtually eliminate mass shootings.

Republican Warmongers Delight In New Bombing Of Syria

For the bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran (or fill in the blank) right-wing hawks, the prospect of the U.S. and Russia tangling over Syria could ignite their most fervent wish; a massive military confrontation in the Middle East.