Gay Marriage? Not if Kim Davis can help it!

The Republicans, of course, delight in this deeply divisive female version of 'Joe the Plumber'. States' Rights vs those dreadful feds. They'll even sacrifice their only federal heroes, the generally reliable fellow fed-haters, the right-wing Supreme Court majority.

Republicans Are Looking For Any Excuse to Bomb Iran

Now, whether we attack or not, Republican politicians want to vote down a negotiated agreement and keep repressive sanctions in place that have negatively impacted the population to a tremendous degree. Why not go Hiroshima and Nagasaki on them? Estimates from Atomic put the combined death tolls at about 105,000 dead and 94,000 wounded adding up to nearly 200,000 casualties.

Republican Debate; Not Exactly Cordial

The two-hour debate did yield the critical issues that Republicans are going to slam the electorate with for the next 15 plus months. Leading the parade; all things Muslim. Iran and the nuclear agreement, ISIS and the right-wing blood lust to send our young people anywhere in the Middle East to be killed and maimed. Look into the eyes of some of the candidates and it's frightening.

Mike Huckabee: Heading For a 2008 Redux

At a local function, I stalked Mike Huckabee to within about 2 feet. We shook hands and had a brief chat. Huckabee wants the 2016 presidential nomination, just as he did in 2008 when he started strong and dropped out in March.

Rand Paul…The “ISH” Candidate

Rand Paul

As an Ayn Rand (quick Trump, her birth certificate says 'Alisa Rosenbaum'), disciple, Paul must hold to tenets that, in many instances, simply don't apply to modern-day America. Even he is fleeing his "government butt out" philosophy.

Ted Kennedy: The True Measure Of The Man

If Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy were alive at this moment, I'm convinced, at 83, he would still be in the Senate. He'd be just as passionate, committed, intelligently informed and supportive of the issues and legislation that really mattered.