Paul Ryan: A One-Man Fiscal Cliff?

Does Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate signal his campaign is tacking to the right again, or is Ryan tacking left? It seems the first casualty will be Ryan's near-universally reviled budget plan, but can Mitt really defang Ryan and get him ready for primetime?

Shocker: Right Wing News Editor Seriously Misinformed About Breast Health

A right wing news editor celebrates Komen's political attack on Planned Parenthood while simultaneously denying it was political.

Incontinent Marines Are Unintentional Anti-Heroes

The Tinkle Heard 'Round the World

While we cannot excuse deplorable behavior, we ought not to delude ourselves that the urinating Marines are unusual. Rather, it is symptomatic.

Buddy Roemer: The Best Republican Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of

He's a former governor and U. S. Congressman, and—unlike his competitors for the Republican Presidential nomination—an eminently sensible man. Chances are good you may never have heard of him, and even better that you had no idea he is running for President, but populist firebrand Buddy Roemer soldiers on undaunted.

Ron Paul in One Lesson: A Primer on Libertarianism

Quadrennial asterisk Ron Paul is once again displaying his Libertarian Wolf Boy exhibit at the Republican freak show, again prompting puzzled onlookers to remark "oh yeah, I remember that guy," and "what the hell is he doing up there?" Now that Paul has risen from novelty candidate to so-called "top tier" status, his libertarian principles arguably merit closer examination before being mothballed for another four years.