Kellyanne Conway Does Not Know What The Word Altered Means

Appearing on Fox News’ Chris Wallace Show Fox News Sunday yesterday, Kellyanne Conway was asked by Wallace about the tape capturing last week’s altercation between a White House intern and Jim Acosta from CNN,  and then circulated by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and InfoWars claiming the “altered video”  was not altered at all, because it is “done all the time in sports.” read more

Trump’s Matthew Whitaker Con Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Prior to leaving for Paris, Mr. Trump had an impromptu press interaction and declared he did not know his newly placed Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, who is now overseeing the Mueller probe. read more

Republicans Are Carrying Out An Assault On Democracy In Florida

Yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent out a series of  Tweets implying a vast conspiracy was taking place due to his belief that “democratic lawyers are trying to change the results” of this past Tuesday’s election. Governor Rick Scott continues to hold a slim lead  over his opponent, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), however, that margin continues to deteriorate as more votes continue to be counted. read more

Trump Demands The Media Report The News His Way

It is no secret to the American public, that Fox News is Mr. Trump’s favorite news outlet, with Fox & Friends being his go-to show.

As Charles Blow, Opinion Writer for the New York Times makes clear: read more

Trump’s Closing Argument For The Midterm Is Not Only Racist, But False And Misleading

As my colleague, Leo Vidal here at PoliticusUSA makes clear regarding Mr. Trump using the most blatant of racist ads to use as his closing argument for the mid-term elections by pinning it up on top of his Twitter feed: read more

Trump Failed With Response To Hurricane Maria: Period!

Many are aware of Mr. Trump‘s mental deficiencies and pathological lying, but what remains puzzling is why so many of his supporters remain so vigilant in their defense of him, when he has made such a delusional and mendacious remark as he did yesterday, regarding his Administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. read more

Donald J. Trump And Roseanne Barr Are ‘Birds Of A Feather That Flock Together’

Trump Roseanne

Yesterday the ABC network –  cancelled The Roseanne Barr Show due to Barr placing an inflammatory Tweet on Twitter for public consumption.

In response to a Tweet about former President Barack Obama’s aide, Valerie Jarrett, Barr made the following statement: read more

Giuliani’s Unhinged Interview Reveals Trump’s Pathetic Legal Defense

Rudy Giuliani had quite the unhinged interview with Dana Bash several days ago.

As PoliticusUSA Editor-In-Chief, and my colleauge Jason Easley described that interview in his piece titled Rudy Giuliani Screws Up And Admits Mueller Wants To Interview Trump On Obstruction of Justice: read more

MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace’s Conservative Guest Blasts Trump As She Refused To Repeat His Lies

On the same broadcast this past Friday when Nicole Wallace, host of Deadline: White House,  laid into Donald Trump for his persistent lying with impunity to the people of this nation,  in a later segment Wallace reminded her viewers through one of her panelists why Mr. Trump  is “utterly unfit” to be President of the United States. read more

Republican MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace Refuses To Repeat Trump’s Lies Setting Example For Rest Of Media

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, host of Deadline: White House, has had it with Donald Trump’s propaganda, and has reached a point of utter frustration, as a direct result of it, so much so that she refused to share with her viewers any more of the plethora of Tweets Trump spewed Friday morning regarding the Russian investigation. read more

The Hypocrisy And Challenge To White Evangelicals

E. J. Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post and author of several works regarding political analysis, reports that the American Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael Curry, who “preached for the royal wedding last Saturday, isn’t finished with us yet.” read more

New NFL Anthem Policy Is A Profile In Cowardice

The first amendment of our constitution is clear:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” read more

DHS Secretary Claims She Is Unaware Russia Interfered With 2016 Election Ensuring Trump Victory

On January 6, 2017, between Donald Trump winning the presidential election and his being sworn in, our nation’s intelligence community issued a document clearly outlining how Russia, at the directive of the President of that nation, interfered with our election, favoring Donald Trump. read more

Pittsburgh Police Preparing For Riots Should Trump Fire Mueller

Instead of providing reassurance that Mr. Trump was not considering firing Robert  Mueller or Rod Rosenstein, Trump provided a cryptic response to a reporter yesterday asking whether “he had decided it not worth the political fallout”  to fire either of the men associated with the Russian investigation. read more

Trump’s Approach To Russia Is Not Only Confusing Us; But The World

By now we all have learned how American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday to tell the world that the United States was going to be imposing a new round of sanctions against Russia for their involvement in the Syrian crisis. read more

The Republican Failure To Protect Mueller’s Investigation Is Leading Us To A Constitutional Crisis

Several rumors continue circulating that Mr. Trump wants to fire the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, or Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, with reports by major media outlets such as The Washington Post  and The New York Times, confirming such speculation. read more

David Frum Sardonically Tells Trump To Take Bannon’s ‘Legal’ Advice

Last night, Robert Costa, from the Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon is “pitching a plan to West Wing aides and congressional allies” in an apparent attempt to “cripple the federal investigation, into the matter of  Russian interference.” read more

The Collusion Between Fox, Trump, And Republican Lawmakers

During Mr. Trump’s meltdown on Monday night, prior to his meeting with his security team regarding the issue of Syria, the reader might recall a reporter asking Mr. Trump quite an unusual question: read more

Steve Schmidt Tells The Nation How Corrupt Trump And His Organization Really Are

It is one thing for liberal leaning political analysts or pundits to discuss Mr. Trump’s apparent meltdown yesterday addressing how his long time friend and lawyer, Michael Cohen is now at the center of a federal investigation and quite another  to witness Republican strategist, and former John McCain campaign Chief Strategist, Steve Schmidt doing so. read more

If Trump’s Stormy Daniels Story Is True, He Should Be Grateful To Mueller

In front of his Security Council yesterday, Mr. Trump commented on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s earlier raid and warrant served on his longtime friend and lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Lashing out at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, calling the investigation a “witch hunt” and a “disgrace,” Trump said the following regarding the raid which took place in multiple locations earlier in the day: read more