Friday Fox Follies – Talking Terror & Trump

While Friday Fox Follies could fill every week’s column with variations on the concept that Fox News is divisive and stupid, often there are bigger fish to fry. This week that includes how Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly: [is] A Marriage of Convenience, the fact that “People Expect It”: Media Downplay NY Times Report On Trump’s Treatment Of Women. and/or how Fox Already Using Egyptian Air Disaster To Promote Donald Trump, just hours after it happened. read more

Friday Fox Follies – Defending the Indefensible

Good news, loyal readers! There will be nothing about the Fox “News” love affair with Donald Trump this week.


Don’t blame me; blame Fox & Friends.

While I loathe Fox & Friends, I still watch it every morning. Maybe because I was a News Writer on the highest-rated morning in Toronto for a decade. Maybe because I simply cannot believe how much disinformation the Morning Happy Hate Fest disseminates, starting with the Trumpster. read more