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Janice Mowrey is a Navy veteran, a mother, and a proud liberal. She has lived in many places but most significantly Washington DC, Augusta GA, Karlsruhe Germany, Pasadena CA, and Tidewater VA. She now resides in Chicago IL, where she works to save the homes of working families facing foreclosure. Janice is an unabashed supporter of President Barack Obama. She blogs about race relations and racial justice at


Healthcare Denied for 9/11 First Responders: Who Owns the GOP?

Senate Republicans are scrambling to come up with excuses for why they once again filibustered against the 9/11 First Responders health care bill: There were other issues more pressing. There’s no deadline – the bill can be looked at next year. We need to concentrate on the taxes and the budget. The bill is too expensive. The spending needs to be offset. I had to go home (Sam Brownback). I don’t remember whether I’m for the bill or against it (really, Orrin Hatch?).


Where’s the Tea Party When You Need Them?

The left and the left of left are at each other’s throats, locked in a battle of high minded principles versus bread and butter pragmatism. Divided over whether President Obama is a skilled negotiator who had to make a bad deal in order to protect the unemployed and the middle class, or a weak leader who caved in to hostage takers. If there was ever a time when we could use a common enemy, it’s now. Oh sure, Sarah Palin is still out there, fluttering and twittering around. But with her book sales flagging and her reality show ratings down, she just isn’t the polarizing figure we need right now.


Steve King Should be Censured

Recently, Congressman Steve King stood on the steps of the U.S. capital and accused a group of African American farmers of being frauds and drug addicts. He called their class-action lawsuits – which showed that black farmers were denied federal loans that were given to white farmers – “slavery reparations.” And he blamed it all on President Obama, for being so “very, very urban.”


The DREAM Act: An Urgent Call for Unity

The children of undocumented immigrants didn’t have a choice in where they would grow up. Their parents made the decision for them. But most children of undocumented immigrants who grow up in the U.S. love their hometowns and this country, even though we don’t treat them right. This is why the Dream Act is not only vital to the Hispanic community, but also an important first step towards true immigration reform.

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