Sarah Jones and Jason Easley

Steve Schmidt Speaks Out And Shatters The Myth Of John McCain

Steve Schmidt has spoken out and told the truth about John McCain and shattered the mythology around the late senator.…

1 week ago

Republicans Deceptively Edit Video To Falsely Claim Democrats Don’t Want To Get Americans Out Of Afghanistan

The National Republican Congressional Committee and several right-wing blogs are using edited video to claim Rep. John Garamendi doesn't support…

9 months ago

Elijah Cummings Explodes After Barr Orders DOJ Official To Defy Subpoena

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings blasted Attorney General William Barr for, "a massive, unprecedented, and growing pattern of…

3 years ago

Trump Greets The Obamas And Blows Off All Other Ex-Presidents At Bush Funeral

Trump arrived for George H.W. Bush's funeral where he greeted the Obamas and ignored the Clintons and Jimmy Carter.

3 years ago

State AGs Just Subpoenaed All Of Trump’s Tax Returns

The state attorney generals who are suing Donald Trump for Emoluments Clause violations are demanding that he turn over all…

3 years ago

Sarah Sanders Has A Total Meltdown And Refuses To Say The Press Isn’t The Enemy Of The People

Sarah Sanders had a full self-pitying meltdown and refused when asked to state that the press is not the enemy…

4 years ago

Democrats Erupt Into Chants Of USA On The House Floor In The Faces Of GOP Trump Traitors

After a passionate speech by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer for more funding for election security, Democrats on the House…

4 years ago

Democrats Pounce As Rep. Ted Lieu Demands that Trump Cancel Putin Meeting

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) responded to the new Mueller indictments of Russians by demanding that Trump cancel his trip to…

4 years ago

Trump Moves from Gaslighting The US to Gaslighting the World With Claim Germany Is Controlled By Russia

Trump has moved from gaslighting the American people on Putin and Russia to trying to gaslight Germany and the world.

4 years ago

Melania Trump Stages Shelter Photo-Op While Canceling Real Detention Center Visit

Melania Trump visited a church-run shelter and staged a photo-op for the press while canceling the visit to the real…

4 years ago

The NRA Admits to More Than 20 Russia Linked Contributors As Gun Lobby Facade Crumbles

In a new document, The National Rifle Association revised its previous statement about receiving one Russian donation to correct that…

4 years ago

Laura Ingraham Has Lost Nearly Half Of Her Advertisers As Hogg Boycott Bites Fox

Laura Ingraham's Fox News advertisers are fleeing fast as the boycott inspired by her attack on David Hogg has caused…

4 years ago

A Tidal Wave Of Americans Are Moving Toward Democrats Ahead Of The Midterm

A new Pew study found that the Democratic base is growing while Republicans are losing identification with whites and male…

4 years ago

CNN Pulls A Despicable Stunt That Ruins The Parkland Student Town Hall On Gun Violence

CNN has turned the calls for action by Stoneman Douglas students on gun violence into a disgusting ratings grab by…

4 years ago

Trump Ignores Shooting Victims’ Families While Treating Visit To Parkland Like A Country Club

According to reporters on the scene, Trump mostly ignored victims' families while sucking up praise from law enforcement during Parkland…

4 years ago

Collusion Smoking Gun: Wikileaks Asked Trump To Tweet A Link, and 15 Minutes Later He Did

Trump/Russia collusion was made visible by Wikileaks asking Trump Jr. to have his father tweet out a link, and 15…

5 years ago

House Democrats Unveil Game Changing Better Deal To Protect Workers From Trumpism

House Democrats have unveiled a visionary plan that would protect and expand worker rights at a time when Trumpism is…

5 years ago

Trump Email Scandal Explodes As Democrats Close In On Subpoenaing Jared Kushner’s Emails

Rep Trey Gowdy has gone so far out of his way to enable Donald Trump's family to avoid email laws…

5 years ago

After Getting Busted Chartering Private Jets, Tom Price To Pay Taxpayers Back $50,000

After he got busted wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private jets, HHS Secretary Tom Price announced that…

5 years ago

The Dictionary Humiliates Trump With The Ultimate Troll Job After He Misspells Heals As Heels

The twitter account Merriam-Webster took down Trump after he, or someone in his White House, tried to sound presidential, but…

5 years ago