John Conyers is the Latest Politician Accused of Sexual Harassment

Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan is the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives. According to a report that was published on Monday, he’s also the latest politician to be called out over a 2015 complaint of wrongful dismissal by a woman accusing the congressman of sexual harassment. According to Buzzfeed, the payout for this settlement came out of Conyers’ congressional fund rather than the US Treasury. The unnamed woman accepted a settlement of $27,000. Conyers was not required to admit any wrongdoing. read more

Trump Can’t Hide His Hypocrisy On Roy Moore

Trump appears to be trying to have it both ways. He can’t come out and publicly support Roy Moore because then Trump’s own background of sexual assault allegations once again becomes a topic of conversation. At the same time, Trump knows that Doug Jones will be a no vote on his tax bill.  Trump needs Moore’s yes vote. Jones is also in favor women’s reproductive rights and marriage equality.  Neither of which are things that evangelic conservatives support.