6 Big Moments From Night One Of The Democratic Debate

Night one of the first Democratic debate was supposed to be weakest of the two, but Democrats have been showing off their deep bench of good candidates.

Chuck Todd Pushes Trump Gun Confiscation Lie At Democratic Debate

Chuck Todd gun confiscation

Chuck Todd managed to get Trump talking points into the Democratic debate by asking about the imaginary policy of gun confiscation.

Winners And Losers From The NBC Democratic Debate (Night 1)

Elizabeth Warren shined while many candidates didn’t stand out. Here are the winners and losers from night one of the Democratic debate.

Winners and Losers From The Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate Winners

1).Elizabeth Warren – Warren came out strong during the debate, and the big question was could she translate her policy plans to 60-second answers. Sen. Warren showed with the first question of the debate that it wouldn’t be a problem. Warren was strong, and it is clear why she has become the favorite of the left in this race. Sen. Warren had a great night and cemented herself as a top tier candidate. read more

Watch Live: The NBC News Democratic Debate (Night 1)

Watch Live Democratic Debate

Watch the first night of the NBC News Democratic debate live from Miami, Florida.

Nicolle Wallace Nails What The 2020 Election Is Really About

Nicolle Wallace said that the 2020 election isn't about policies. It is about saving the country from Trumpism.

Reddit quarantines major pro-Trump community over violence threats

Social media site Reddit restricted access to a major forum for supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, citing threats of violence against police and public officials.

Trump’s Lawyer Says President Won’t Block Mueller From Testifying

Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow said that the president will not block Robert Mueller from testifying before two House committees.

Baby Trump Blimp Approved To Crash Trump’s 4th Of July Party

Trump's propaganda party on the 4th of July is about to get an unwelcome guest as the Baby Trump balloon has granted a permit to fly over the president's party.

Trump Blames Democrats For Father & Daughter Drowned At Border

Trump took no responsibility for the image of a father and daughter who drowned at the border and instead blamed Democrats for his own immigration policies.

Trump Suggests John McCain Is In Hell For Not Killing Obamacare

Trump John McCain hell

Trump suggested to the Faith and Freedom Coalition that Sen. John McCain is in hell for not voting to overturn Obamacare.

Adam Schiff Is Ready For Barr’s Interference In Mueller’s Testimony

Schiff Barr Mueller testify

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sounded ready and prepared as he expects Attorney General Barr to interfere with Mueller's testimony.

Democrats Get A Huge Win In Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

Congressional Democrats got a big win as a judge ruled that their lawsuit to get Trump's business records can move forward.

Disaster For Republicans As Poll Finds Swing State Voters Won’t Vote For Trump Due To Healthcare

A poll found that if Trump implements any part of his healthcare agenda large majorities of voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin won't vote for him.

Trump Thinks That He Belongs On Mount Rushmore

Donald Trump refused to answer when he was asked if he thinks that he belongs on Mount Rushmore, which means that he definitely thinks he belongs on Rushmore.

Acting Border Chief Resigns Amid Crisis Over Treatment of Migrant Kids

The acting commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, John Sanders, is resigning and will leave his post on July 5, the agency said on Tuesday.

E. Jean Carroll Humiliates Trump By Laughing At His Smear

E. Jean Carroll laughs at Trump

E. Jean Carroll responded to Trump's attempted smear of her appearance by laughing at him and saying she glad not to be his type.

Desperate Trump Cooks Up Story To Divide Biden And Obama

Trump tried to create division between Biden and Obama by questioning why Obama hasn't already endorsed his vice president.

Sunday Shows Ignore Trump Rape Allegation, But Ask 11 Guests About Biden Shoulder Touch

The Sunday news shows asked 11 different guests about Joe Biden touching women on the shoulder, but ignored a credible rape allegation against Trump.

Trump’s Rust Belt Revival Fraud Is Killing Him In Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania

Trump promised a manufacturing revival in Wisconson, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but after losing manufacturing jobs, voters in those states look ready for change.

Red States Are Turning On Trump Amid Rising Unemployment

Key states Arizona and North Carolina have seen rising unemployment, and now Trump has a negative approval rating.