Why Trump’s Risky Economy Could Crash At Any Time

A special report from the Washington Post has revealed that in order to stimulate economic growth, Donald Trump made risky changes in financial rules that could backfire at any time.

Trump took the steps so he would look good and receive high approval ratings due to a booming economy. read more

SNL Hilariously Takes On Biden’s Personal Space Issues

Biden With Black Voter on SNL

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” hilariously took on the personal boundary questions of former Vice President Joe Biden’s expected presidential campaign.

The cold opening showed multiple cringe-worthy examples of the behavior that has raised questions about Biden’s potential 2020 bid. read more

How Democrats Will Kill Trump in 2020 Using Digital Media

Democrats lost the presidency to Donald Trump in 2016, partly because the Clinton campaign couldn’t compete in the arena of digital media.

But that was then. Now, it’s a whole new world, and Democratic 2020 candidates have all made using the internet effectively one of their top priorities. read more

Will Too Many Candidates Spoil the Democrats’ Chances in 2020?

It seems like every Democrat in the country is running for president in 2020. There could be as many as 20 candidates who lose the nomination next year. But who will win?

With so many candidates running, how worried should Democrats be about a fiasco like a deadlocked nomination battle leading to a loss in November? read more

Pretty Soon, House Democrats Could Start Arresting Trump’s People

Many people within the Trump administration could soon be found in “Contempt of Congress” and thus find themselves subject to arrest.

House Democrats have been busy since taking control in January. They’ve already issued several subpoenas, and they’ve written a lot of letters which could soon turn into even more subpoenas if they don’t get the information they want. read more

Trump Humiliated at Sparsely Attended California Fundraiser

Yesterday Donald Trump made a rare visit to the Golden State to try to garner support for his controversial border wall with Mexico. While there Trump took time out to attend a fundraiser at a Beverly Hills home, and it was a total bust. read more

Why Donald Trump Is Terrified of Running Against Joe Biden

Even though Joe Biden is being attacked from within his own party for excessive public displays of affection, Donald Trump still fears the popular former vice president more than any other Democrat.

White House aides have said that the president worries Biden would win his home state of Pennsylvania if the two run against each other, as well as other northern “rust belt” states that Trump won in 2016. If that happens, then Trump’s chances of winning reelection will be slightly above zero. read more

New Cohen Memo Is ‘Smoking Gun’ — Says Trump Encouraged Him to Lie

Attorneys for Michael Cohen have given documents to Congress which accuse Donald Trump and his team of lawyers of directing Cohen to lie to Congress about when negotiations ended for a major real estate deal in Moscow. read more

In Major Speech, Elizabeth Warren Calls For an End to the Filibuster

In a major policy speech, Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling to end the Senate filibuster. She is the first major presidential candidate to endorse ending the Senate‘s historic rule which requires 60 votes to pass legislation. read more

Cain Pick For Federal Reserve Causes Consternation — and Tears

Herman Cain on MSNBC

Reports surfaced yesterday that Donald Trump is planning to nominate to the Federal Reserve Board the controversial (and disgraced) former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

This weird and unsettling move led to the Washington Post economics expert to writing a brutal takedown of the former pizza chain mogul and his very unusual views of monetary policy. read more

Trump Is Already Planning Revenge on His Enemies In Juicy ‘Tell-All’ Book

Donald Trump has been the subject of many “tell-all” books during his tumultuous career, including several written about his own chaotic White House. And according to a new report in The Daily Beast, for some time he has been planning to write one of his own. read more

Scarborough Scorches Trump For Being Russian Stooge

Trump Russia on MSNBC

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough opened his show today with a blistering attack on Donald Trump and how his 2016 campaign was manipulated by Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence agents.

Speaking with a great deal of anger and passion, the Morning Joe co-host pointed out how Attorney General William Barr had let down the American people by issuing a misleading “non-summary” summary of Bob Mueller’s report. read more

Attacks From Every Direction Will Soon Bring Down the Trump Presidency

Thanks to his Attorney General and a complicit media, last week Donald Trump thought he was winning. It appeared that he was getting away with falsely claiming he had been exonerated by Bob Mueller. Then he started seeking revenge against everyone, and vowed to investigate Democrats, the FBI and anyone else he could think of. read more

Why Jared Kushner Poses a Threat to America’s National Security

It’s no surprise that Jared Kushner is the senior White House official described in documents from the House Oversight Committee that details testimony of Tricia Newbold who identified serious lapses in the current White House security clearance process. read more

Trump’s Reelection Chances Just Went Down the Tubes

Yesterday may have been Trump’s worst day ever. But before things hit the fan yesterday, he had been flying high. Attorney General Barr’s bogus summary of the Mueller report created a false impression among the American electorate that the report had cleared Trump of all wrongdoing. read more

House Committee Votes to Authorize Subpoena for Full Mueller Report

The House Judiciary Committee just completed a vote that authorized its chairman to use a subpoena to force the Justice Department to give Congress a full copy of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report and all of his underlying evidence. read more

Trump Seeks Dershowitz Help with Kushner’s Failed Middle East Peace Plan

In 2017 Donald Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of creating a plan to bring peace to the Middle East. It didn’t seem to matter to the president that the greatest diplomats in history couldn’t accomplish this objective, and Jared had absolutely no experience in international diplomacy. read more