Trump Offered Bill Gates A Job In His Administration And Got Rejected

In March, philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates had a meeting with Trump at the Oval Office during which the two spoke for 40 minutes.

The conversation focused on primarily on public health. According to Gates, who spoke to Stat News about the experience, Trump became “super interested” in the development of a universal flu vaccine. Gates said it was “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.” read more

Trump’s Former Personal Doctor Claims A Lawyer And Bodyguard Raided His Office And Took The President’s Medical Records

NBC News reported Monday allegations made by a former personal doctor of Trump’s against one of the president’s lawyers, a bodyguard, and a third man.

Dr. Harold Bornstein claims that in February 2017, these three men showed up at his New York office and seized all of Trump’s medical records in what the doctor describes as a “raid.” read more

Elizabeth Warren Sends Out Fundraising Email For Sen. Jon Tester After Trump Threatened Him

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who possibly has the most powerful fundraising influence in the Senate, is coming to Sen. Jon Tester’s aid following Trump’s attacks.

Trump lashed out at Tester during a rally on Saturday, strongly implying that he could ruin the senator’s career. The attack was a reaction to Tester revealing allegations of misconduct against Trump’s pick for the Veterans Affairs secretary position. The allegations ultimately resulted in Trump’s pick, Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, withdrawing his nomination. read more

Trump Basically Threatens Democratic Senator During Rally in Michigan

Trump held another unnecessary rally on Saturday and, as expected, his speech consisted of attacks against the press and people he’s got problems with. One of these people was Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, who accused Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s nominee for the Veterans Affairs secretary position, of misconduct during his time as a White House physician. read more

Trump Jr. Reportedly Texted Kremlin-Connected Businessman After Winning The Election

BuzzFeed News reported Friday that Donald Trump Jr. regularly communicated with the Kremlin-connected Agalarov family both before and after Election Day.

Emin Agalarov is a Russian businessman and singer whose family Donald Trump has known since 2013 when he and Emin’s father, Aras Agalarov, hosted the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. BuzzFeed reported that a text message between Emin and Trump Jr. was sent two days after Trump’s election win, adding that it’s not clear “how many messages were sent, whether Trump Jr. sent any of them, or how many were sent by either party” but that the existence of this interaction has been confirmed. read more

Jeff Sessions Will Not Be Recusing Himself From Investigation Looking Into Trump’s Lawyer

Bloomberg reported Tuesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not be recusing himself from the probe into Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer.

This means Sessions will have the right to access briefings on the investigation’s status and to have a say on decisions made by prosecutors, such as whether they should issue certain subpoenas or indictments. read more

Democrats In Both The Senate And House Are Crushing Republicans In Fundraising For Elections

Enthusiasm (and a sense of urgency) on the left has been a huge help to the fundraising efforts of Democrats up for election this November.

Numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Democrats in both the Senate and the House are drastically outdoing Republicans in GOP-held districts and states where Trump was victorious in 2016. read more

Entire Island Of Puerto Rico Is Currently Without Electricity In Largest Power Outage In U.S. History

Puerto Rico was left completely without electricity after an massive power outage hit the island on Wednesday. It is the largest power outage in U.S. history.

Puerto Rico’s electrical grid experienced a major failure, leaving an estimated 1.5 million people in darkness. According to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, restoring power could take between 24-36 hours. read more

Sean Hannity Hired Two Other Trump-Linked Lawyers Last Year

Michael Cohen isn’t the only lawyer connected to Trump who Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has reportedly done or considered doing business with.

According to a report by The Atlantic, also hired Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow. The former and her husband were hired to join Trump’s legal team for the Russia probe earlier this year but those plans ultimately fell through due to conflict of interests; the latter is currently working as one of Trump’s lawyers to defend him in Mueller’s investigation. read more