Is Obama Starting To Act Like Teddy Roosevelt?

President Obama seems to have a hint of President Theodore Roosevelt in him, here. President Theodore Roosevelt stood with American families and small business when he took on the monopolies and trusts. It seems that President Obama is doing the same with health insurance companies. We must hold these companies accountable.

Why Working Class Conservatives Should Leave The GOP

Main Street conservatives need to wake up to the fact that, the Republican politicians do not fight for you. They fight for Wall Street and Big Corporations who throw your neighbors onto the street. Wall Street has a plan to make working class Americans, whether your liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican economically irrelevant. The point is, if your working class, Wall Street doesn't need you or better yet DOESN'T WANT YOU and neither does Corporate America.

Is Corporate America This Arrogant?

In a charity campaign aimed at helping school lunch programs in the U.S.A, GAP is promoting FEED USA bags. These bags cost between $19.50 and $39.50. For each bag you purchase, GAP donates $5 to school lunch programs in the United States. It sounds good until you realize that GAP decided to sell bags "Made in China" for just under $40.00 and donate $5 to FEED USA.

Our Founding Fathers Were Liberal, NOT Conservative

A lot has been said about our founding fathers in recent years. The tea party has all of a sudden become historical scholars. They have become the defenders of our Country and our Constitution. Glenn Beck is their proverbial historical professor. Unfortunately their knowledge is fairly limited to specifically what their Fox News comrade regurgitates, which inaccurately represents the true views of the Founding Fathers.