Opinion: Republicans, Rape, and Pre-existing Conditions

All but two states already have laws on the books that ban insurer providers from discriminating against rape and sexual abuse survivors.

Opinion: Woman’s Conviction For Laughing At Jeff Sessions Is Sexism In Action

It is particularly noteworthy to mention that while then-Senator Jeff Sessions blatantly committed perjury under oath before the Senate, he did so with impunity and protection of his Republican cohorts. A woman who dared laugh faces prison time.

Opinion: HHS Secretary Celebrates Chance To Deny Women Contraceptive Access

We will take action in short order to follow the President’s instruction to safeguard the deeply held religious beliefs of Americans who provide health insurance.

Opinion: U.N. Says Trump-GOP “Obamacare” Repeal Violates International Law

Declaration of Human Rights “Establishes everyone’s right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being, including food, medical care and necessary social services.”

Opinion: Trump Gives Churches Free Rein To Campaign For Profit

Greedy evangelicals expected much more in remuneration for their electoral support for Trump’s candidacy than freedom to violate IRS rules with impunity.

Opinion: Trump’s Alt-Right Is Preparing For Violence To Defend Fascism

"This is for those that possess the Warrior Spirit. The weak or timid need not apply ... Trump has our back for the next 8 years. The timing couldn’t be better."

Opinion: Farmers Say Trump’s Immigration Policy Threatens Their Bottom Line

Trump’s immigration policies [are] making it difficult, if not impossible, to find skilled cheap immigrant labor to do back-breaking farm work.

Opinion: Trump’s Trade Stupidity May Fatally Injure the Coal Industry

“In trying to land a blow on the Canadian timber industry, Trump may have knocked out the Western coal industry ... this could bring them to their knees.”

Opinion: Trump Gives Raging Anti-Choice Propagandist HHS Public Affairs Job

Yoest has a long record of undermining women’s access to health care by distorting the facts; her selection shows the administration is pandering to extreme evangelical conservatives.

Opinion: American Injustice – Trump’s Cabal of Liars Will Never Face Justice

The lies from Trump's team would have sent religious Republicans into near-fatal apoplexy if it was a Democratic administration.

Opinion: Trump’s Ed. Secretary DeVos Made It Harder To Repay Student Loans

Betsy DeVos eliminated President Obama's policies to make student loan repayment easier and to prevent student loan recipients from defaulting.

Opinion: Trump’s North Korea Fear Mongering Is Bush Iraq Déjà Vu

Trump and North Korea is an eerily frightening reiteration of the Bush administration's fear-mongering about Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Opinion: Pence More Unpopular Than Trump and Much Less Than Planned Parenthood

The new NBC/WSJ poll reveals that by a wide margin Planned Parenthood is significantly more popular than Mike Pence who is even more despised than Trump.

Opinion: Workers Have To Wear Battle Armor To Safely Remove White Supremacist Monument

"Due to safety concerns, we believed it was very important to take all necessary precautions to protect the safety of all personnel involved in the operation.”

Opinion: Tough On Crime Sessions Has No U.S. Attorneys To Prosecute Federal Crimes

Jeff Sessions still hasn't filled even one of the 93 vacant U.S. Attorney positions he needs to operate, much less "get tough on crime."

Opinion: After Leading the Nation in Renewable Energy, Rick Perry Targets Solar and Wind Power

Wind and solar have combined with natural gas to produce virtually all the nation’s major new electrical capacity; coal and nuclear are economically less competitive.

The Diabolical Plot Behind Trump Cabinet’s Weekly Prayer and Bible Lessons

She thinks biblically, She doesn’t need time to figure out how to vote because she sees the world through a scriptural lens. "We need more like her in office."

Opinion: Report Concludes that Trump’s Climate Denial Aids Terrorist Recruitment Efforts

A little over a year ago some high-level person in ISIS penned a treatise explaining precisely what Western nations (America) should do to aid in the terror group’s recruitment efforts. As sure as the Sun rises in the East, Donald Trump took the terror organization’s pleas for help to heart and has religiously followed every instruction to the letter. Now it turns out that Trump’s rejection of science, particularly climate science, is yet another means of “strengthening recruitment efforts” of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. read more

Opinion: SCOTUS Hears Arguments To Tear Down Church and State Barrier

A ruling for theocracy will effectively demolish church-state separation and neuter the First Amendment’s religious clauses.

Opinion: Texas GOP Bill Allows Officials to Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

"Texas Senate has no problem with taxpayer-funded discrimination against virtually anyone who doesn't meet a public official's personal [religious] standards."