Opinion: Trump’s America is a failed state

Far from making America great, despicable Don Trump has transformed America into what is arguably a “failed state.”

In fact, Trump and his Republican facilitators have decimated America in three-and-a-half short years after President Barack Obama set America right again after eight years of Republican rule. With the GOP’s valuable assistance, Trump tanked the economy and single-handedly created animosity among America’s most dependable allies and trading partners. He is also unilaterally responsible for the deaths of nearly 100,000 American citizens because his focus is solely on all things Trump. read more

Opinion: Trump acolyte DeVos steers more COVID-19 stimulus money to religion

Republicans found another means of enriching religion with taxpayer dollars meant to aid Americans suffering the horrid effects of Trump’s plague and economic devastation.

When filthy rich, and highly-unqualified, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began her quest to shift all taxpayer dollars intended for public education to private, for-profit religious schools, evangelicals and Republicans were ecstatic. After all, money allocated to sustain small businesses ravaged by Trump’s plague and economic disaster was just recently handed over to churches and clergy even though those institutions pay no taxes because they claim they are not businesses. read more

Opinion: Trump is systematically ripping America to shreds

It is no small wonder that besides evangelical fundamentalists, Trump’s greatest electoral base is comprised of anti-government, racist conspiracy theorists dreaming of destroying America from within. Although that nasty segment of the population is a minority and seemingly powerless to dismantle the government on its own, and although Trump sits in a place he should be banned from occupying, he wields a significant amount of unwarranted power. In Trump’s case, his dictatorial power is granted by Republicans in Congress who allow Trump to do precisely what the GOP dreams about – assaulting every part of the government with the sole purpose of tearing it apart. read more

Opinion: Barr uses the Justice Department for an evangelical Crusade and Inquisition

Last week Trump’s yes-man running the DOJ issued instructions to federal attorneys detailing their new job entailed serving as Inquisitors for the religious right in their Crusade to rule America. In this case the Crusade officially begins by using the Federal government, in concert with fundamentalist Christian conservatives, to punish state officials who dare to hold churches and religious leaders accountable to rules meant to preserve American lives. read more

Opinion: Trump wiped out Obama’s jobs and economic gains in a few weeks

Trump blames Obama for his coronavirus response

After Trump publicly exposed himself as Earth’s preeminent moron regarding how science relates to combatting the novel coronavirus, the imbecile-in-chief claimed his new focus is America’s economy. If that is Trump’s intent, then it is worth looking at why America is facing an economic disaster after his predecessor, President Barack Obama, left him with a raging economic success. Most people understand that Trump inherited a thriving “Obama economy”  only to completely decimate it in a matter of weeks. read more

Opinion: America deposed Saddam Hussein for doing what Trump is guilty of now

One of the justifications for the Bush Administration’s Iraq invasion was because a vicious dictator, Saddam Hussein, was guilty of killing his own citizens. It was the same justification Trump used for launching a slew of missiles at an abandoned airfield in Syria – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was alleged to have killed innocent men, women, and children during a civil war exacerbated by Bush’s invasion of Iraq. read more

Opinion: Church services during a global pandemic are not essential – they’re deadly

The deadly cost of religious liberty in America is finally being manifest, and it is a cost many evangelicals believe the public must pay.

No small number of evangelical clergy are now claiming their religious freedom is essential and supersedes states’ “stay-at-home” orders meant to halt coronavirus transmission.  Predictably, several Republican governors agree and claim that in-person church services are just as essential as acquiring life-sustaining food and medical care. It is a novel cause célèbre– even for evangelical fanatics. read more

Opinion: Defiant evangelicals are part of Trump’s death cult with Americans’ blood on their hands

It is not entirely clear if an alarming number of churches flagrantly defying social distancing orders are doing so for the money or for Trump’s reelection efforts, but they are jeopardizing the population as well as their fellow zealots. Regardless the reason for the “pack the churches” crusade, it is driven by Trump’s greed and lust for power  – exactly like the evangelical malcontents endangering American lives. read more

Opinion: Trump weaponized COVID-19  and has Americans’ blood on his hands

Trump did not create the novel corona virus (COVID-19), but through his ineptitude, narcissism, and mendacious propaganda he weaponized it and aided its deadly spread throughout the United States.

Any semi-intelligent person understands the necessity of reflecting on their, or others, past mistakes to avoid repeating a bad situation; particularly when that bad situation adversely endangers human life. Donald Trump cannot, and will never, come to terms with the fact that anything he does could be misconstrued as a mistake or wrong, because he thinks he is perfect. It is almost certainly why Trump’s Surgeon General told reporters during a press briefing, likely on Trump’s orders, to stop pointing fingers, criticizing, or assigning blame for the corona virus’ spread in America. read more

Opinion: Clinging to Sanders’ ideology will keep Trump in the White House for four more years

Bernie Sanders african-Americans establishment conspiracy

Adhering to an ideology is not inherently wrong by any measure. However, when strict ideological embrace portends certain defeat in a national election to determine the fate of the country, a pragmatic person will moderate their position. It is a sad commentary on America, but there is a group of ideologues who will “stand their ground” regardless of the consequences to the nation – these are the emoprogs waging war to take down the Democratic Party. read more