Opinion: Citing “Law And Order” Trump’s Department Of Homeland Security Defends A Murderer

There are three words that political pundits and commentators have used ad nauseam since the day after dirty Don Trump’s very poorly-attended inauguration – “unprecedented and wrong.” It is as true a description of this authoritarian administration as anything, and yet each time it is uttered it explains a worse Trump atrocity. This past week was no different. read more

Opinion: Investigate religious schools for indoctrinating students, not universities

Biden leads Trump in Texas and Georgia

When Trump appointed anti-public school lobbyist Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, he made it abundantly clear that he detests America’s public education system.

On Friday Trump ordered Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to review American universities’ tax-exempt status after he threatened to cutoff federal funding to any schools that refuse to reopen despite the virulent Trump plague ravaging the nation. read more

Opinion: Deploy the military to protect protestors and journalists from violent police

After hundreds of videos revealing that complaints about police violence are completely valid, there is finally acknowledgement from some public officials that police reform is desperately needed and long overdue. Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association, police unions, Donald Trump, and Republicans at all levels of government will never allow any police reform to take place – not without a nasty fight. read more

Opinion: Before Trump an anti-fascist was a patriot defending democracy

The greatest threat to America and its people remains fascism – particularly domestic fascism. Until a few years ago, being against fascism was regarded as being a patriotic American, and then a dyed-in-the-wool fascist took up residence in the White House. Not long after Trump’s poorly-attended inauguration, his white supremacist supporters began labeling opposition to Trump’s white supremacist tendencies as inherently wrong, un-American, and anti-fascist. read more